Rare autoimmune disease

Basically i found a small nickle sized lump in mid december had imaging and biopsy. The biopsy came back negative for everything but after the biopsy the lump my breast became red and doubled in size. They thought it was an infection so they gave me antibiotics. I took the antibiotics for a week and then went back for a check up. At the check up my breast was still red and had tripled in size. They sent me to a surgeon because they thought it was an abcess that needed to be drained. The surgeon did an ultrasound and basically told me i have glandular mastitis which is a super rare autoimmune disorder that affects the mammory glands. The chance of having this disease is 0.37% compared to breast cancer that is roughly 12%. The breast oncologist told me to she would evaluate my imaging and biopsy results to be sure but was pretry confident i had glandular mastitis and she would let me know for sure next week and we would be able to move forward with a treatment plan. The only way to get the swelling under control is steroids and immunosuppressive medication. Idk if i can wrap my head around this. I was already going crazy at the slim chance of having breast cancer at 28 but now im being told i have this super rare autoimmune disease that has only had a few hundred cases world wide since 1972? Im just so overwhelmed and lost. I was told the chances of me having inflammatory breast cancer was pretty much nonexistent but then i am to believe i somehow have this super rare disease that is almost unhead.

Dear Harveybirdmaam,

Thinking of you, so sorry to read your post quite different to some of the other ladies on the site. Welcome to the forum. I personally can’t comment on what you’re going through, but feel sure somebody else will come on who has more experience than me will be able too.

The breast cancer nurses on this site are very kind and understanding with a great knowledge I’m thinking maybe tomorrow you could give them a call and have a chat with them which may put your mind at rest and also give you a second opinion.

I do wish you well going forward, however please come back and let us know how you’re getting on. I hope you get some answers soon

Hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

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