Rash after radiotherapy

Hello ladies, I finished my radiotherapy last Tuesday,had no problem at all,but now I have a red itchy skin a bit like prickly heat,can anyone tell me if this is normal and what did use all use to ease the itching…

Thanks Pauline xx

Parkin the sizzle of rads can last for weeks after. I used dr organics aloe Vera with calendula or the dr organics aloe Vera gel with tea tree both worked well for me and I slapped it on each time the ‘heat’ took hold so I’d have on in bag all the time ready. I know others have got on well with e45, aveno, moo goo and udderly smooth with extra urea. Drink lots of water this helped me a lot and with any fatigue the rads might cause do always check with your unit about your concerns just to ensure they are keeping eye on skin post rads :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx