Rash on areola - Urgent Appointment! Help!!!!

Hi Let me introduce myself

I am 35 years old, with one little girl aged 10. I have never breatfed, have no family history of bc (although other cancers are in my family, i am not on hormonal contraception (as no longer in relationship - i stopped hormonal contraception in November 2008, i used the implant for 3 years and the pill before that)

Well about 3 weeks ago i noticed a rash on my areola area, i was not concerned, but it did not go away, also the areola area has changed it has got bigger - this is all on my left breast.

I confided in my sister who made me make an appt with my gp, i didnt want the fuss as i am very large breasted! but i went last week to see her anyway.

After she examined me she said that she was making an urgent referal to my breast clinic and that it would be within 2 weeks (i started to get nervous) she said that due to my areola change and the rash that it was necessary and also that she found what she thought to be a lump/cyst (to be honest as my boobs are lumpy i coudnt feel any, but at the moment i do feel little lumps in that area. She said she wanted me seen at the breast clinic also so that they could have a look under my nipple?

Right now it is a week on, and i am very very nervous and worried about this, i am still awaiting my appointment as well.

Can anyone out there give me a little reassurance, most people on these sites and also on the internet have breast lumps, but not a changed areola like mine.

Thanks to anyone that can help. X

Just bumping, as i am really worried

Hi Alisara,

Sorry to hear about your worries. I wish I could reassure you but I think you will be concerned until you have your appointment. I am so glad that you have your sister to support you, sisters can be such a help. Best Wishes to you and I hope it turns out to be nothing of concern. Try and keep busy and the appointment will be here before you know it. LooLoo x

Thank you LooLoo - hope i have spelt your name right.

the thing is i feel awfully worried, i am ok during the day but at this time of night the worry is awful. I am still waiting for my appointment, i called my gp today who said they posted the referral last week and that it is an urgent one,probably havent received it due to the easter bank holidays.

My biggest worry is, why the hell is my aerola misshapen? I have been self diagnosing on the internet and all i can find is Pagets. I feel alone in this worry as i cant find any lump even though my gp did, and other than suspecting pagets why the hell have i been referred! sorry for feeling sorry for self

Hi alisara

This must be a worrying time for you, you’ll get lots of support here from people who know exactly what you are going through. You might also find it helpful to read:-


This explains about changes in the breast and breast awareness.

If you want to talk to someone about how you are feeling then do give our helpline a call. Everyone working on our helpline either has experience of breast cancer, or is a breast care nurse, and has an excellent knowledge of breast cancer issues. They are on 0808 800 6000 and are open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm
Saturday, 9am - 2pm

Morning Alisara,I can understand how worried you feel and those night hours are the worst. I think most of the ladies on here have probably had sleepless nights. When I first came on the forum someone referred to them as the 4am wakenings which for me was exactly right. The waiting is awful for appointments, I’m am waiting for one for results at the moment and it is driving me nuts. Same as you the delay is being put down to Easter. You feel that no one is treating it with the urgency you want it to be treated. I hope you hear today with an appointment and if not give your GP another call or can you call where you are being referred direct? I didn’t do that but I’m sure I read on here about someone doing that because it was taking so long and the hospital being very helpful. Don’t worry about feeling sorry for yourself, it’s a difficult time. I will be thinking of you and have everything crossed for a quick appointment for you. Take care. LooLoo x

Hi Alisara!
I too got reffered last week to the breast clininc and had my appointment today. I was very lucky to be given an appointment the day after refferal, they have been really quick. The consultant wants me to go back for an ultrasound and said “it was difficult to make a prognosis without a scan”! This has left me thinking what does he mean by prognosis, that’s only used when disease is present, does he know it is cancer but won’t say without the scan? Was he using loose terminology? So many questions still
I wish I also could reassure you more, it is a total roller coaster time, full of questions, then positivity, then negitivity, then why’s, tears, fear, numbness and so on! And yes LooLoo I too get the “4am’s”. I think this is all part of the “natural” process but it’s horrible and scary and confusing.
All I can say is that this site and the people in the short time I have used it since stumbling accross it has been a lifeline to me. Keep posting, call the helpline if necessary etc, everyone here is here to support each other. Don’t be afraid to post or feel like “i’m groaning on” etc because we are all here for each other and understand :slight_smile:
I wish you all the luck hun :slight_smile:
Bea xx

Hi Alisara

The waiting really is the worst, I think. Your mind goes on all sorts of unwanted trips to places it’s best not to go! You’ll find lots of support here - I’ve often seen posted here welcomes to “the club nobody wants to join”, and it’s so true. We all have in common bc or the threat of it, and our fears too, and it’s so helpful to have the support of people who are going through similar things.
My experience of the NHS so far has been wonderful and I feel lucky that we have such a good service. I really hope you get a prompt appointment and it turns out to be something trivial.
Be good to yourself
Philidel x

Thanks Phildel ZomBea and LooLoo and BCC (hope that i have spelt your names out properly) anyways still no appointment today, so i guess i will call my gp/breast clinic on Monday.

I am not to bad tonight, maybe later about 4am as LooLoo says it could change, today i am thinking its just a strange rash, or my nipple is just naturally misshapen. I know that that sounds silly, but i find it very hard to believe that i have been referred (my breasts in all honesty are something that i never think about - well apart from their size, which i have always been embarrassed about) i feel that now this is what i get for being embarrassed…

Just thought I would re-post. I had been referred as an urgent appointment by my gp - but i have only just got my appointment at the breast clinic - which is a one-stop clinic.

I will be attending on Wednesday night. I did everything that i could to get it earlier, as my gp put the frightners in me by giving me an urgent referral. I contacted the breast clinic (as i work in a different department in the hospital where it is, in the hope that if they had a cancellation i could take it immediately as i work in a different department - but no, they stated that the consultant went through my referral and decided that i am not urgent enough! and therefore it will be 4 weeks as to when i am seen.

I cant wait for my appointment on wednesday evening, because it has been a long 4 weeks of worry.

I feel very alone, as i can’t find a lump in my breast, it is just that the skin around my areola has changed, the rash has gone, but my areola is definitely misshapen on my left breast. I feel like a freak!!! My nipple has not changed so i am wondering what the hell is wrong with me, i also feel that there must be something wrong, i have a strong gut instinct that things are not right…

I am 35 years old, i should be fit and healthy, but i am constantly exhausted all the time, for absolutely no reason, that is not me and that is not right for me. Plus the fact that i get the odd night sweat, where the bedsheets are actually saturated, this is not every night, but at least once a week…eeeek Or maybe i am a hypocondriac (bad spelling i know)

Sorry for the rant, but i feel much better for it!

Alisara - sorry that you have had to wait so long for your appointment - will be thinking of you on wednesday and hope that it goes well…


Well I had my appointment tonight, and i am back at square one! I was a total bag of nerves, and the doctor told me that all he was going to do was a clinical examination. Well, he did the examination (which i must say was not as thorough as the exam my GP gave me before my referral - he just felt my breasts, not the underarms, not anything just the breasts).

After that exam, he told me that he is now going to book me in for an mammogram, followed by an ultrasound to see underneath my nipple (incidentally the rash has cleared but my areola are is misshapen)

So I am now angry, at going to what i thought was a 1 stop clinic, to be told to come back again for a mammogram and ultrasound. A very kind nurse informed me that she knows that i am worried, but i shouldnt wait longer than 3 weeks. 3 weeks!!! On dear god, i cant wait that long again (to have the money to go private hey!)

I just cant believe how angry and frustrated i am, i built myself up so much for tonight, to still be stuck in the same place, not knowing if i am well or not.

Glad to get that of my chest!

Sorry to hear you have to wait for another appointment to get the answers you need Alisara. It is horrible waiting. It may be worth ringing them and saying you are prepared to take a cancellation. You may get seen sooner. I had my op - WLE and nodes removed - on 7th April and am still waiting for an appointment with my oncologist. Just had the post and no letter yet again - just a leaflet about swine flu!
Take care and Best Wishes to all. LooLoo x x

Oh thank you LooLoo, I feel i have nothing to complain about, and just hate ranting when hopefully it is probably nothing. Will be thinking of you, and i hope you get your results soon. It must be unbearable for you.

I still feel a little scared but i am trying to stay positive as i feel if he thought that something was wrong i would have my u/s and mammo as soon as possible not have to wait up to another 3 weeks. But at the same time why would he want me to have a mammo and u/s? Hopefully it is just a precautionary measure?

Thank you for your advice on cancellation’s, as i work in a different dept. in the hospital where breast clinic is i think i will just keep pestering, as for once i could be lucky and be there the moment that a cancellation comes up, and put myself out of this misery once and for all.

I would like to know from yourself or any of the ladies here, do they/did they feel tired, or that something was not right? I have been feeling exhausted for the last couple of months, strangely around the time that i got the nipple rash. For instance today (as it is my day off) i went to bed after leaving my little girl to school, i was genuinely tired and this is happening a lot, i have made no lifestyle changes and at 35 i think that i should be at my peak.

Once again looloo thank you, and i hope you get to see your oncologist soon xxx

Alisara - hope you do manage to catch a cancellation…

There is a thread on here somewhere where someone asked if people had any strange symptoms before we were diagnosed with cancer and alot of people said they had felt more tired, dizzy etc… I’ll see if i can find it for you… But please don’t make that overpanic you as lots of things can make you tired etc… {{{hugs}}}

Thank you Rhapsody Angel, that would be really helpful

Hi Alisara

Just wondering how you are and if you’ve had appointment/results.

Thinking of you.


Thank you Sandra774.
Well i am a bit confused at the moment. I had my mammo, u/s and 4 yes 4! fna’s last wednesday. My mammo was clear (wondering if it is because i am 35?) though they found a lump on u/s - which believe it or not was not something i went to my GP about, it was for a rash on my areola, which has cleared up, though still a little flaky and hugely changed

Anyhow, i do not know if the lump, was a cyst or just a lump, i feel that it is just a lump as they took 3 tries to get into it as it was hard and also hard for them to find even on u/s. So first few tries were inconclusive and last try was clear.

After that i met with a consultant who told me that as my last sample and also my mammo was clear that it was good news - i was delighted, until she said, oh we discovered some thickening today. Then i asked her why was there a change in my nipple/areola area? she stated that it was debris, debris??? After that she told me that she would like to see me again in 8 weeks time, and that i was to note any changes etc for her and that was that.

To say i nearly died was another thing, which means that i am still worried and still confused, i really do not want to go back, and now a week on i am back to worrying again.

I would like to add, that as i work in the hospital where tests were performed i am taking sneaky peaks in the system everyday, but alas no gp letter done as yet. (i know i shouldn’t, but i am dyin to see what goes back to my gp, as i feel that i can relax a wee bit then)

Anyway if anyone could help me, or has been in this situation could they let me know, i am really confused! x

Hi Alisara

Sorry to here you’ve not got 100% all clear.

It sounds relatively good news, and hopefully they just want to make sure.

With me my mammogram showed 2 white patches in the iffy breast (the 1 with eczema), the consultant kept saying I’d probably get a recall, which I didn’t and was eventually told I had 2 tiny benign lumps (over phone as letter didn’t come)although I’d had no biopsy. When letter did arrive just 3 lines saying mammogram clear

Consequently, I personally don’t have total peace of mind - nearly 2 years on I still have days when I wonder what the patches were as there was no definitive diagnosis and what did consultant see to make her think I’d be recalled.

If its any reassurance I would have liked to have gone back in a few weeks/months time to check things out and make sure all was well - I still get eczema occasionally (only in the 1 breast) and recently went to gp cos of a burning sensation in same breast and was told it was inflamation coming from breast bone causing burning in nipple?!-no referral.

I’m not trying to trivialise your worry (I’m the same) but a few weeks worry to gain complete peace of mind (hopefully) would be preferable to the position I’m in.

Sorry its a bit long and I hope you get the gyst of what I’m saying,


Hi Alisara

Hope you’re OK,

Have you heard anything from hospital, had your sneaky peak at the letter or got your next appointment through?

Please let us know how you’re getting.