Rash on scar after mastectomy

I have had a double mastectomy and lymphnodes removed on both sides. On Monday I went for my 6 monthly check up and had to have a biopsy on a rash that has formed on the scar to my left breast and also bloods taked. I need to have a bone scan and also a ct scan. I have not been told that it is breast cancer again and would be very grateful for feed back as I am going mad as it will be the fourth time and finding it very hard to hold it together. I have had Temoxifen, Arimedex and at present take Aromasin and was told that only one more tablet was available. I still live in hope. Love to all living with cancer.

Hi Bezann.
I had a WLE in February and 4 or 5 weeks later began getting a rash on my scar and round my boob. My GP told me it was an allergic reaction to the internal sutures (which can stay inside for about 3 months) and he prescribed two lots of antihistamines and some steroids to zap it before I started chemo. I still am taking the antihistamines because when I stop the itching comes back, but it has cleared up very well.
Hope that helps

Hi Bezann

Sorry that you’re having such a worrying time, you’ll get lots of support here I’m sure, but if you would like to talk to someone about how you’re feeling, do call the Helpline who can offer support and information as well as a listening ear.

They’re on 0808 8000 6000 and are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 9-2.

Kind regards.


Hi there
so sorry to hear about your concerns. Try to focus on the fact they never said it was cancer- often they try to prepare you in advance if they are pretty sure. It is good that they are taking the rash seriously though and biopsying it etc. It is the only was to be sure if it is cancerous or benign. There are many innocent things the rash could be like infection, allergy etc. Have u tried any anti biotics etc to see if that clears it up?
If it is cancer, then remember it is a lcalised recurrence + in most cases, ct scans come back clear + the focus will be on treating the skin.
I had a skin recurence very quickly after chemo. Sounds like your medical team are on the ball which is great. These things are always more treatable when caught early. My concerns were ignored by several docs for several weeks, despite having 2 courses of anti b’s + the rash spreading rapidly. I finally insisted on a biopsy wen I saw my onc (had given up asking my bcn + surgical team). Even my onc wasn’t concerned despite the rash being highly unusual and large by that stage(about the size of my palm). She wanted to send me to a skin specialist + I just flipped, the rest is history…
This was summer 2010, scans were clear (phew) + some pretty drastic surgery + rads got the skin disease under control. I am triple negative so very limited treatment options but rads were very effective- even my rads onc can’t believe the rash hasn’t reared it’s ugly head again *touches wood*
All the very best, let us know how you are getting on + feel free to pm me any time.
Tina xx

Gingerbud/Tina Many many thanks for your reply, I go for the ct scan tomorrow and bone scan on 12th of April (my beautiful grandsons birthday, I like to think that is an omen). I do not understand a lot about thew cancer I had all I know is that it is caused by the eastrogen therefore I take male hormones. I have had Temoxofen after the lumpectomy then when I had the left boob removed I was gived arimodex then when the right boob was removed it was changed to aromisin. When I went for the check up my specialist informed me they had one more medication they could try and that if it was found to be cancer he would remove the area and do a skin graph from somewhere else on the body. I am still hopeful. You mention that you are triple negative, what does that mean? I hope you remain well and the journey for you has ended. Love Bez xx