Hi there…


Can anyone with IBC please tell me what the rash may look like?  I have a mottled/dappled type rash, an area of pinky red and the areola seems a little less pale next to it?  I have Googled, of course, and think the pictures I have seen look a bit different but getting really confused.


I have been back and forth to the GP, hospital and breast clinic and following an indentation and then pain, I now find a redness on my breast. As I said, seem mottled with little lines…?


I am guessing I will have to go back to my GP but this year they must be a bit fed of seeing me.


I admit I am worried as I have read how lethal IBC is.


Thank you for reading this


Best  wishes Bassplayer

Oh no bassplayer ,more worries - don’t worry the going back to GP if you have concerns ,it’s your body and you want re -assurance .

Good luck !