Hi everyone
Have finished all my treatment on Christmas eve after having lumpectomy, chemo, rads and i am now on tamoxifen . Am due to see consultant on the 8th feb.
I have a rash that has appeared by my scar which started off as a bit of an ache yesterday. When i looked in the mirror this morning i was surprised to see the rash. I also have a lump where the original lump was and was assured several times throughout my treatment that it was scar tissue.
Has anyone else experienced this. It may well go as quick as it came but you cant help that niggling feeling in the back of your mind its something moe sinister especially at this early stage.

hi jackie ,it sounds to me as if you may have a reaction to the rads, we continue to cook! for a while after treatments, but if your at all worried go to see your gp as you may have an underlying infection. hope all turns out ok take care lynn xx