Re: benefits

Hi there,
Could anyone tell me if im entitled to any help financially in anyway?
My husband has a job and apparantely earns just over the threshold amount. I dont work and i have a 5 year old daughter.
I was diagnosed with secondarys in liver and skin mets too in march of this year. When i went to citizens advice they checked through everything and said i couldnt put a claim in. What makes me angry is that apart from the time i havent been at work due to having time out when my daughter was born and being ill, i have always had employment, makes me so mad! x

I’m not sure but perhaps the helpline on here can point you in the right direction, you may be entitled to Disability Living Allowance, always worth a try, take care xx

Hi juls

As Katy has kindly mentioned our helpliners will be happy to talk this through with you, lines open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

The following link will take you to the ‘secondaries’ information page and there is a section on finances there along with further support ideas:

Take care


You should be entitled to DLA it isn’t means tested.
A macmillan adviser should be able to help you.

Many thanks x

As the others have said you should be entitled to DLA but as it is getting complicated it is best to get a macmilla adviser to fill it out for you.The problem with benefits these days,especially if you have cancer,have become so complex CAB are not always up to speed.They filled out my DLA and I was turned down, but when macmillan adviser reapplied it was granted.Your husband should also be entitled to cares allowance as I do not think that is means tested.You should also be able to get a blue badge and a diasbled bus pass or train travel card.the badge is useful on days when you are not feeling up tp walking long distances to the shops.
I know what you mean about having worked and not liable to contribution based benefits.I worked al my life until age 58 when I was dx, but because I had taken time out the previous 2 years to care for my sick mother I was short on contributions and I had never claimed sick pay or any other benifit for 20 years.
Good luck with your application.It could have been that you originally applied too early as there is a quqlifying period for DLA and you may also be able to claim on a DS1500 under the 6 month rule.

L xx