RE: Catheter in bladder bilateral salpingo ophoorectomy

Dear ladies,

I’ve finally scheduled my surgery for a bilateral salpingo ophoorectomy. I have a fairly big ovarian cyst, (7’5 cm), that needs to be removed so, I thought that ones in the theater, I should have both ovaries remove to make sure my body is not producing more ER. The gynecologist told me, she thinks the surgery will be and open one, as the cyst seems to be solid. I went for the pre -op assessment and, I just panicked. All those preparatives just scared the hell out of me. I am quite worried about the catheter they put into the bladder. Just the thought of it give me the shrivers. I’ve already told them my tolerance to physical pain is bellow 0 so, pleas ladies, could you tell me if you have had one inserted and remove is it very painful. I am just finking out about it. Pls tell me, is it very painful?. I am a very active person and being bed bounded really doesn’t appeal to me. What about the side effects?. I am really worried about osteoporosis and chronic fatigue from which I already suffer, and I don’t think I can’t manage more of it.

One last question. In terms of avoiding a new bc or a recurrence, what are your experienced about it?, have any of you a recurrence or a new bc after undergoing this surgery?.


Frighten Nipple


The only thing I have any experience of is the catheter - I had one when I had my mx and recon last year.

It was put in while I was under, so no pain there. Once in, you wouldn’t know it was there and, for the first day or so, it makes things much easier.

It can’t have hurt having it taken out, cos I can’t remember it! Just an odd sensation for a second or two I think.

Good luck

Hi I had an oopherectomy but it was keyhole so only in overnight.When I have had other ops in the pastand had a catheter it has been put in during op so not aware of pain, it is useful for first coupler of days while recovering not to have to bother with the loo, I was aware I had it in but it wasn’t painful, when they took it out (if I remember correctly) I just had to take a deep breath I could feel a funny sensation but not pain.
Hope this helps - good luck xx

Hi. a friend has just had both her fallopian tubes removed ( for a different reason) She was also worried about the catheter. She was cut, like you may be, and was not in pain after the OP, just a bit uncomfortable. She was in hospital for 2 days and 10 days later is back walking the dogs… She couldn’t even feel her catheter…but relieved it was there as she didn’t have to walk to the bathroom! Although on a lighter note…whenever her husband was about she would “wince” with pain every now and then for effect, and persuaded him to pay for a daily cleaner for 1 month!

Hi there

I’ve had a catheter three times for gynae surgery. They usually put it in during the op while you’re asleep. I have had one put in when I was awake on the ward and it doesn’t hurt at all. I also used to be a nurse and inserted many catheters and it shouldn’t cause any pain at all.

The catheter is a thin tube and once it is in place, saline is put into a tiny, tiny balloon at the top of the catheter which holds it in place. You can’t feel the catheter in your bladder once it’s in either. So when it comes to removal, that saline is removed, the tiny balloon deflates and the tube comes out very easily.

It’s far better to have a catheter than find you can’t pee.

Having a catheter doesn’t mean you have to stay in bed if that’s what you’re thinking. The catheter bag is attached to a stand which you can carry around or if it’s going to be in for a while you can have a bag that straps to your leg.
I had very major gynae surgery and was still up a day later. Of course, you will be tired and need to rest but it doesn’t mean you can’t get out of bed.

take care and hope it all goes well
Elinda x


I had bilateral oophorectomy in Oct 10 to get rid of ER as cancer was strongly ER. Had WLE then chemo and rads in 2008. Chemo stopped periods (then aged 39), but then in June 10 I suddenly had a massive one (deeply inconvenient, as I was camping in the back of beyond and had nothing with me, not expecting a period!!).
I was happy to get rid of anything to help my prognosis and have had no problems since.

Good luck