Re-excision that won`t heal.

I never thought I would be here again nearly 8 months after re-excison. I will briefly update in the hope there is someone out there like me. Mx,March 2009 followed be chemo, radio and hormone therapy (arimadex). In Sept.2010 found lump on scar and had a biopsy which was clear. Surgeon decided to open scar up and clear it out. The exision was glued after surgery in Oct.2010. I could feel a fluid build up within days but was told it would find its own path, 2 weeks later 3rd November the wound burst open, it was a fountain and never stopped. Since then I have had nearly 5 months with district nurse packing and dressing every day, it was a large hole with a tunnel inside 7cm. This gradually healed to only 4cm but still a large hole and the fluid still kept coming. Just over 2 months ago I started seeing a plastic surgeon who treated me with manuka honey which helped to reduce the hole but not the tunnel. I was then changed to promogran which again reduced the hole but not the tunnel or the amount of fluid. I see the plastic surgeon again on Wednesday and it would be lovely to hear from someone who has been in the same position as me before my appointment. I can`t get my head round the fact that the fluid just keeps coming and as long as this happens I will not heal. I had lots of problems with seroma after my mx, Could this be a pocket of fluid? I feel that after over 7 months I have been like the Trevi Fountain. Pam

HI Pam, I’m really sorry to hear about your ‘Trevi Fountain’ - you did make me smile at that escription tho, and your ability to still be funny in the face of what must have been a really demanding 7 months. I am bumping this up cos I have seen other lasses elsewhere talk about re-opening of WLE scars, and also wondered if any of the seroma or lymphodema gang have any insite?
best of luck, Nicola

Bumping this, in the hope there is others like me. Hoping for answers if any before I go hospital tomorrow. Pam

Hi pam,

I had a lumpectomy in 2007, they then had to go back in and remove more tissue to get the clearance they needed. I thought it was healing well after a month or so, then the scar area started “leaking” I had to “pack” it for months unfortunately, eventually it stopped, there are no secrets between hubby and me!!! It did get me down and I thought there was something sinister happening inside me, but it did stop. They needed the inside to heal befor the outside therefor the need to keep it open. Try not to worry too much,

Take care

Thanks for replying Jill, I was starting to think I was the only one with this problem. What was used for your packing, anything that really solved the problem? I have had sorbsan, aquacell, honey, promogran and inodine, now my skin is in a real mess with the dressings and really sore even with the use of cavilon barrier cream. My hubby and I were hoping to get away for a good sunshine holiday but until this is healed we are putting it off, no good going if I can`t go in the pool. Still you have given me hope. Pam

Hi pam,

It was very basic, I had gauze sticking out of the hole that caught the fluid and a dressing over it, had to stop wearing bras and used vests. Mine started leaking on holiday in Portugal and was terrible as had nothing with me. I had to persevere with it, that was all I could do. Like I said they kept the wound open so that it could heal from the inside out, not a pleasant time but it does get better.

Jill x