Re: March 2020 Chemo Starters

Hello everyone,

This is my first post so I apologise if i have done anything wrong as in posting it to the wrong place . I have had my first round of FEC-T chemo yesterday, which apart from feeling like your stepping outside in to a virus battle zone, wasn’t that bad. The nurses were incredible and because there were so few people having their treatment it was almost like I imagine private treatment to be. I’ve just stepped outside to do the sign of appreciation for all the nhs staff at 8pm tonight which was incredible and so emotional. :sparkling_heart:

Today, I have been experiencing headaches and flushed face/ indigestion from my what I think is my steroid tablets DEXAMETHASONE, has anyone else experienced this? It doesn’t happen until an hour after I’ve taken them but it feels like prickly heat. I wanted to take paracetamol for my headache but was worried to as it would mask any temperature issues. The 8 days of injections are interesting to do for someone with a needle phobia, I felt so embarrassed that I had to phone the nurse to tell me how to get the cap off the needle before I stabbed myself in the hand! Luckily, there was a calypo ice lolly left at the back of the freezer to provide some numbness to my skin before I did it lol! Only one problem, my son has now found it and eaten it in the garden, so reckon I may need to use a frozen fish finger tomorrow  :fish:

I actually feel like i’m in the Inside out movie with emotions at the minute, thank god for the Disney+ launch today, is anyone else feeling this way?

To all of you who are going through this experience I just want to thank you for posting, as it has really helped to read about other peoples experiences before I even began my treatment. Take care and stay safe :sunflower:

Hi Chuck,

Totally sympathise with the stomach injections, when my chemo nurse handed me a suitcase full of medication including the self injections I was like “the what now?” no idea that was part of the package. She told me that it wasn’t a needle just a nib like on a pen, ok with that but after half an hour of trying to figure iut how to get the top off I eventually wore it down and did actually end up stabbing it into my thumb. My work colleagues were not surprised by this  anyhow thats when I realised this was no nib sized needle.

On the plus side this newly aquired skill may yet make it onto my CV.

As regards to the headaches I experienced really bad sinus headaches which is a side effect of one of the FEC drugs and did have to take a small dose of paracetamol.

I was also given Omeprazole for acid reflux which helped you may need to ask your oncology nurse about them if you are still experiencing  indegestion.

Hope everythings going well, just thought I would reply as your post made me chuckle and also was relieved to know I was not the only one having trouble with the basics like getting the tops of the injections.

Stay safe.