Re: Mini Op to readjust port after mx and recon???


I really hope someone can help! I had a prophylactic mx a few weeks ago with immediate recon with expander. When I went to see consultant two weeks ago to have first injection of saline, she couldn’t get the needle in to the middle of the port. She tried for half an hour and at the finish I was bruised and sore. She said it had moved to an awkward angle. Consequently I’m booked in tomorrow to see her and she is going to give me a local anaesthetic, make an incision and turn it the right way around.

Has anyone else had this happen and if so, what was the procedure like?

I look forward to hearing from anyone.


Krissi x

Bump!!! I hope someone can help.


I really thought someone could have helped.

Hi Krissi

Please feel free to call our helpline for further support on 0808 800 6000, the lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat, they may be able to put you in touch with one of our volunteers who has had a similar problem.

Take care

Hi Krissi

Feel for you. Not a lot of help but in 2007, when I had a port just under the left ribs, my surgeon couldn’t find the d**m thing either. After about 20 minutes he was about to end me off to x-ray, when the Breast Nurse found it with no problem.

Hope it goes well for you my love


Hi Krissy

I vaguely remembered someone else having this sort of problem a while ago on the darling buddies thread. Not sure if it is exactly the same as your problem.

I have never tried to post a link before- sad I know, but if doesn’t work. The post are from lisaf and she mentions it ant the beginning of sept this year. You could maybe pm her to see if it is the same. Really hope I haven’t sent you on a wild goose chase.


Thanks for your replies, every little helps and I appreciate it.

Krissy x

Hi Krissy

My port had moved also after having a bi-lateral mx with recon but mine was getting very close to coming through the skin so I had to have it re-sited. I must admit it wasnt very pleasant as I had a local anesthetic. It took about 30 mins and my scar is about 4cm long. I was really annoyed though as it did put me back a couple of weeks with my recovery, but now it’s fine and I am just waiting to go in and have the ports taken out altogether.

Hope it went well for you and keep posting

Louise x

Ive just posted to you via email and forgot to say that my nurse said would first trying a ultrasound to see if they could find the port that way before op. I had 2 nurses and doctor then specialist nurse come in and got it first time and almost everytime since. Know exactly how you are feeling so hope you can get it sorted easily xxx

Hi - Just seen your thread - I had a similar problem years ago when the expander was put in, the port turned sideways and was quite painful. My PS turned the port under general anaesthetic and it was fine from then on. As I had a general I didn’t feel a thing and the op only lasted about 20 minutes.

Good luck


hiya just wondering how things are going, hope you recovered and expansion continues xxx