Re: Moira

Re: Moira

Re: Moira I think everybody is aware that Moira has been in hospital for sometime now.
I have asked permission from her family and friends so know it is Ok for me to pass on the sad news that Moira is very ill and there is nothing more that can be done for her apart from making sure her final days are comfortable and peaceful.
Her family and friends are with her which is a great relief to us all.
When any of us from the Gobby Gang know anymore, we will let you know but as you appreciate it is a hard time for her family and her closest friends which is why there has been this delay in letting you know what is happening.
I can pass on messages to them but they know Moira has supported many of us on this forum and other forums and has also received support from all the cyber world.
I’m too upset to write more at present.

Oh I’m so sorry to hear this news. I always look out for Moira’s postings.
So, so sorry…Love Belinda…xx

Moira Hello Kate,
I am so very sorry to hear this news about Moira, I used to talk to her as she comes from the same area as me as has/is being treated at the same oncology unit as I was.
Do you know if she is in hospital. Sue Ryder or at home?
Please let Moira and her family and friends that I am thinking of her.
I know how difficult times like these are as I lost my friend to this Disease in February, she spent her final days in Sue Ryder at Leckhampton where she looked comfortable and peaceful…it was still very distressing visiting her, but the staff made her final days as comfortable as possible and were very supportive to her family.
Take care Kate
Karen x

So sorry to hear this news… … I have missed reading moiras posts of late, and didnt realise things were as bad. I dont know what else to say except I have her and her family/friends in my thoughts at this difficult time.

Lorri xx

really sad to hear this, I always follow her postings. This is horrible news :o( x

So sad It seems to be ages that I have read the gobbygang’s posts…and laughed and cried with your humour, your upfrontness, your capacity to live loud and strong in the face of this awful disease.

My thoughts are with Moira and her family at this time, and with the rest of the gobbygang.

love from Jane

so sad really sad to hear of this news… i have been reading the gobby gang thread since it started… found moira to be really witty and very clever and very interesting with her postings…

my thoughts are with you and moira’s family…



Kate what wonderful friends you have all been to each other. News like this comes very hard when you get that close so thank you for letting us know. I am so glad her family made it in time to be with her and pray that her remaining time will be peaceful.

love to you all, Dawnhc

Really sad news.Moira and her friends and family are in my prayers and thoughts.

Thanks for letting us know I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. It is totally unfair. She is such a nice person. I hope that she is comfortable.


Don’t know what I can add to what has already been said.Thinking of Moira and family and friends Love Eileen

For Moira Hi Kate
Thanks so much for letting us know about how Moira is doing. Moira and i have kept in touch since my journey with bc began. Moira lives in the same place as my family and we have posted back and forth for quite some time. I am so very sorry to hear of the news and that Moira is quite poorly. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.
Moira has always been so strong and an inspiration to me and helped me in so many ways.
Please know that Moira and all of the Gobby Gang are in my thoughts and prayers. If you are talking or texting Moira or her family please give her my best and i send her lots of love and hugs

I am so very sorry to hear this news.

Love Twinkle xoxo

So sorry to hear this news Kate. My thoughts are with Moira, her family and friends.
Claire x

Same as the others. Really really sorry to hear the terrible news. Can’t really add more to what has already been said. I met Moria at the Exeter young womens forum and have posted to her several times, she has been an amazenly brave women and I hope she is as comfortable as can be. Also thinking of her friends and family at this difficult time.
Lisa x

For Moira Dear Kate,
Thank you for updating us all. I am so sorry to hear this news, I have been using this site for about 6 months now and did look in at the Gobby Gang news like lots of other people. It may sound strange but I felt that I knew her and all of you too. Her energy and determination has always shone through and I just want to pass on my best wishes to Moira and all her family and friends.

Thinking of Moira So sorry to hear this news. Hope Moira is comfortable and getting good care.
I shall be thinking of Moira, her family and friends.

Thinking of you Gobby Gang and can imagine how difficult this is for you.


Dear Kate,

Thank you for telling us about Moira. I am almost a year post diagnosis now and only recently have started using the forums but I used to come on from time to time and read your chat. I always found Moira’s postings so interesting, funny, and informed; she comes across as such a strong woman.
The Gobby Gang seem like such good friends and I can only imagine how you must be feeling just now.
Moira, her family and friends, including all of you, are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love, Carla x

Moira Cant believe how many lives Moira has touched and it is a tribute to her that so many people care and that she is and continues to be such an inspiration to us all…
I no shed be grateful for all of ur support
Tracy (GG)