Re: Pre-Op Assessment and Heart Murmur ???


Don’t know if anyone can shed any light on something which happened today.

I went for my pre op before surgery next week and during a routine listen of my heart the nurse asked me if I had ever been told that I had a heart murmur. I was quite shocked and wasn’t aware I had a one. She said she couldn’t be sure and asked another nurse to check who agreed with her. They are doing a heart echo tomorrow. I’ve had checks previously at a different hospital for various things and nothing has ever been mentioned. I just wondered if chemo can affect the heart or whether I could have just developed it over time.



I too have a heart murmur, have had it since I was a child. I had it checked some time ago first of all some years ago by echo, after a pre op assessment and then more thoroughly when I had a stent put into a small coronary artery last year. The conclusion everyone came to was that it was insignificant ( it can’t always be detected with a stethoscope so may well have been missed previously). Because of my stent, the onc has chosen chemo drugs that will not affect the heart muscle.
Not sure all this will apply to you but what I’m saying is that it may not be anything major, it’s best to get it checked out and that if all the medics know, they will tailor your treatment accordingly.
Hope this helps.

Hi Krissi - sorry for your anxiety about this. I don’t really know - and I hope others will come along with more info - but I’m not sure how serious heart murmurs are. My daughter has been told she has a heart murmur once or twice and at first we were very alarmed, and then a doctor told us that a lot of people have murmurs at times, and they are not always an indication of something really serious. Obviously some can be less benign than others, but until you are diagnosed differently try not to worry too much (easier said than done!). Good luck.

Hi Krissi,
Heart murmurs can be caused by many slight problems with your heart.Most are benign and cause no real problems. I have one and my cardiologist said its more of a comment than a problem (in my case anyway) Mine is due to a floppy mitral valve and was diagnosed in 1991.I have had no problems since apart from getting life insurance when I had to shop around.But I did get a policy with no extra premiums (fortunately cos it paid out with my BC)
Sorry I can’t answer re chemo.
Hope all goes well with the echo.

Thanks everyone for your comments. Its funny that you mention the mitral valve Dotchas, when the nurses listened with the stethescope they both mentioned mitral which meant nothing to me of course.

Hopefully all will be sorted before my op.

Thanks again

Krissi x

Hi Krissy

I have trivial mitral regurgitation- don’t know if it is the same as a murmur, but it didn’t effect my ops at all. Hope your is sorted easily.


I was given an echo cardiogram before my chemo to access whether I had any heart problems. Was told it would determine which strength chemo treatment I got. Never had an assessment before surgery though. So i wouldnt worry to much.

I have a heart murmur and it did not affect my treatment or ops