RE: Strange pain in elbow

Dear all,

I am experienced a strange pain on my elbow. This started I believe like a 3 weeks ago. At the beginning, I did not give it any thought at it but, since it becomes so persistent I started to worry. I went to my GP last Friday and he refereed me for an X-ray reassuring me that the kind of pain I described look more like tennis elbow. I am quite concern for the following issues:

  1. I don’t feel I can contact my BC nurse at RMH because I don’t feel comfortable talking to them. I have some bad experience with them, I don’t think communication is at all as fluid as it should be.

  2. I don’t believe an x-ray is the most appropriate test as it seems it just shows lesions over 1cm and when the bone has been damaged at least 30%

I just wanted to know what are your experience at this respect and what do you advice me to do.

Thanks ladies and all the best

no so happynipple

Hi Happynipple,

If you’re not confortable talking with your BCN then do give the helpline here a ring and have a chat with one of the nurses. Helpline is open again in the morning at 9am, calls are free.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

hi there just noticed your post. I also have developed lumps in both my elbows. My doc says that it is golfers elbow rather than tennis elbow and to avoid carrying heavy bags and overusing the arms. Not sure how you manage to do that though.

Hi Happy Nipple I am not sure what your treatment has been but I will add the following. Had chemo first then WLE and ANC. I was told to give the exercises for potential shoulder probs a really good go .Which I did religiously Had 2nd WLE for better margins, BUT had really awful elbow pain and pins and needles in hand from 1st surgery, told nothing to do with ANC. Finally breast surgeon said it was all because of the placement of my arm whilst having 1st op. My arm was strapped at 90 degrees out to my affected side and that this may have aggravated nervrs in the area. I was referred to physio and got more exercises and more appts. Was back at work F/T but hey now 13 months on it feels mostly fine. I may have had a different experience from you but hope this helps as my probs more to do with nerve involvement than rads or surgery. J xx

Hi. Are you taking any AI’s? I am on arimidex and have been experiencing tennis elbow symptoms for the last few weeks. This is in my non mx right side but the tablets have already caused joint pain in my right hand. I am hoping that this will improve with time as my knee joints are much better than when I first started on these tablets a year ago.


I’m taking Tamoxifen. This is my last year on it. My treatment was chemo, WLE and rads but, actually the pain is on the other site of the original cancer.

I had the x-ray done yesterday and I have to wait one week for the results to be ready.