Re: Tamoxifen - Is There a Best Time to Take?


I’m just after some general advice.

I received my first prescription today for Tamoxifen and not sure if there is a best time to take it.


Krissy x


I’m not sure it matters when you take it. I was taking mine in the morning but switched to night as kept on forgetting. The night sweats are just as bad whatever time I take it.

Julia xx

Hi Krissy

I have been taking Tamoxifen since Feb 2008, I take it in the evening and have been lucky enough to have had no side effects to speak of.
I hope all goes well for you.

Take care

Jackie x

Thanks for that. I’ll try it out tonight and see how it goes.

Krissy xx

Have switched a couple of times. Taking mine in the morning at the moment. Take care, hope goes well for you.
C x

Thanks C

Krissy xx

I take mine in the morning with my breakfast, mainly because that makes it easier for me to remember. I have more night sweats than daytime flushes, so taking it at night might make that worse. I was told to find the time that suited me best but that it didn’t matter when that was.

Good luck,
Eliza xx