Re Treatment Finished but feel like I am not moving on!!!!

Hello Ladies
Well I think this will be a bit of a moan… I finished treatment 23rd Dec (chemo mx then rads) and currently on herceptin (6 of 17).
It has been harder this year than last when I was going through the treatment. I have struggled with energy levels, had various throat infections, went back to work 4th April and all that entailed and now when we have beautiful weather and a full weekend planned I have a head cold and feel rotten… A work colleague had one last week and didn’t really practice good hygiene dispite me getting out my dettox wipes at every available opportunity!!!
It just feels so unfair and I apologise to all you ladies who have more to worry about than me. I want my life back and am just so fed up of all this s**t!!! I have the why me gremlin on me today, something I very rarely have and need to get miss positive fairy back…
Thanks to anyone who reads this…
fluffy xxxx

Dear Fluffy chick,

I am sure you will soon get lots of support from other forum members. I thought this article by Dr Peter Harvey may be useful to you at the moment. Here is the link;

Very best wishes

BCC Facilitator

Fluffy I really hope you feel better soon and do get to enjoy some of the weekend you had planned. Love and hugs xxx

Hi Fluffy

My treatment pretty much mirrors yours. I finished rads just before Christmas and am having my 8th herceptin next wk. I went back to work part time at the end of march. Nice then I have had shingles, two colds and laryngitis. My energy levels drop dramatically, my brain is foggy and I forget important things. I don’t feel like me at times. Only a couple of weeks ago I told my husband that I was thinking about going to my gp about anti depressants. Going to counselling helps my emotions, but physically I think things will take a long time. I do think herceptin does have an impact, even if they say side effects are minimal. Just wanted you to know you are not alone.


Many thanks for your posts, its nice to know I am not alone… My OH is fab and really does his best to understand but I hate burdening him as he has had enough to cope with over the last year.
I would just love to give up work and enjoy my days doing what I want. I hope you all enjoy the bank holiday oh and Janet that article is really interesting thank you…

Sorry Deb I meant to say yesterday it is nice to know some one eles treatment and after effects are pretty much the same…
Its strange because I really don’t mind how I look now I just want to have normal energy levels and be able to plan for things and actually do them!!
I am thinking this morn will I be well enough for work Tues and if I don’t go how will they be. Apart from not being paid they are not the most understanding employer!
I also think you are right Deb about herceptin as I do feel more tired the more treatments I have, or is that just a combination of the treatment and going back to work. Trying to get back to normal as a lot of people put it…
Well that’s enough moaning thanks again…

i’m not normally one for posting but i just wanted to say how helpful it is to read all your comments. i finished my rads in april after chemo, now on tamoxifen. Im so used to trying to be strong, its come as a bit of a shock to me that now my treatment has finished i just feel so ‘lost’. People around me dont really understand and expect me just to be back to normal. x

HI everyone, my treatment finished 7 months ago and I am now on Tamox, so don;t know about Herceptin side effects, but I can say I am still really tired and have had to accept working three day week for now - had surgeryx2, chemo, rads. On the days I am not at work I still sleep in the afternoon like a toddler, and when I have been at work I just hit the sofa at 6pm and don’t move …thank god for the OH!
Keep being told by docs I know that this is normal and it will take a year post treatment to be fully back in business. Also met the Oh of a woman who had similar treatment to me at work last week - he said “don’t underestimate how much the treatment knocks the stuffing out of you and take it easy”…
hmm good advice but its so ANNOYING and a bit depressing isn’t it?
bw Nicola