Reaction to oramorph - or hypercalcaemia?

I stopped taking oramorph for my bone mets just after my first Pamidronate infusion which was four weeks ago - the Pamidronate seemed to be working so well that within a few days the pain had reduced so much as to be unbelievable!!

However, in the last four or five days the pain has come back with a real vengeance in my hip and I started on the Oramoroph again yesterday - three 5 ml doses yesterday and then another two today, four hours apart. About an hour after the second dose, I had what I would describe as a cross between a panic attack and a blood sugar ‘thing’ - came over all shaky and faint, felt sick etc etc and now just feeling incredibly tired.

I put this down to being a reaction to the oramorph but am now wondering if it’s hypercalcaemia - would that come on that suddenly though? My bloods were apparently fine a fortnight ago.

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who might be able to shed some light on this.

Lesley xx

Lesley I am not sure in your case - but I did react quite badly to oromorph at first - not just nausea but vomitting as well and all the other symptoms you describe - i went thru a variety of anti-nausea pills before it settled. I have no experience of hypercalcaemia so cant say.


Hi Lesley, I agree with Dawn, I had a few days of Oramorph when I was first diagnosed and in hospital, I felt really awful…sick and I kept nodding off mid conversation…not that I could remember it happening but was assured I did. I’ve been told many times by my onc that healing bones (from bisphosphonate treatments) can be very painful…(I know that doesn’t help you one little bit at the moment though.) :frowning:

Hi Lesley,

I would suggest that you give your medical team a ring and explain to them what has happened just to be on the safe side.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Thank you everyone - I phoned the bc nurse yesterday and she thought it probably was a reaction to the oramorph and suggested I only take it last thing at night which I did last night and feel a lot better this morning. I suppose morphine-based drugs just don’t suit everyone, will stick with my paracetamol, codeine phos and diclofenic for now and put up with a bit more pain.

Yes, the nodding off mid-conversation sounds just like what I was doing yesterday Belinda - my children were going mad with me as I was supposed to be helping with their homework!!

Lesley xx