Reaction to Taxotere - swollen tongue

Hi girls,

Just wondered if anyone has suffered from similar symptoms to me…

24 hours after receiving Taxotere I notice an uncomfortable feeling in the back of my throat, as though my tongue had become enlarged. My voice deepened (became a bit ‘gruff’!) and everytime I swallowed it felt that something was in my throat. My tongue just felt too big for my mouth and had that horrible ‘furry’ feeling.
During eating I needed to keep washing the food down with juice as it felt it was going to get stuck.

This continued for about 3 days. All is back to normal now!!
Is this the norm…and I’m panicking over nothing? Just worrying about reactions to no.2.

Thanks for your comments,

love Andrea x

Hi Andrea

Can relate to the above. My tongue felt like an alien in my mouth and had that horrible furry feeling too. I was given Oraldene, Difflam and also some other oral thing, which I didn’t get on with and didn’t work so was given a tablet to take to help with oral thrush.

I have to say, the only time I found hard to eat was when got a bad mouth ulcer right at the back of my tongue going into my throat. So painful, ended up getting some gel stuff from sainsburys pharmacy after talking to pharmacist and it worked!! Bit unpleasant to put in, as made me gag, but did the trick.

Mention to your chemo nurses when you go for next treatment and they will prescribe something for you. My tongue didn’t get really swollen, just felt odd.

Take care

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for your comments, the thought of an ulcer at the back of the tongue sounds VERY painful.
I must admit so far have only had two mouth ulcers and that was with the first FEC, I then changed to aloe vera toothpaste and haven’t had any since…(keeping fingers crossed!!)

My onc has suggested I take more steroids and piriton for the next dose but I’m interested to know whether my symptoms are the norm or an allergic reaction. I tend to panic at any strange symptom!

Hope your little ones are free from bugs, I have kept my little boy away from nursery today to try and keep any new colds at bay for just a few more days. Poor thing, he usually has a constant runny nose catching one cold after another, it’s just lovely to not be following him around with a tissue at the moment!!

Love Andrea x

Hi Andrea,

I also felt like I had a brick in my throat after my first Taxotere, it was so painful to swallow - combined with the sore tongue, mouth and ulcers I felt dreadful. After about 5 days it did ease up, and my next three doses of Tax were nowhere near as bad.

Hope all goes very well for you with the rest of your treatment.


Tracy x

I had a strange tongue while on taxotere, mine felt like I had scolded it on a hot drink, GP advised it was the top layer of skin shedding before it could renew itself. I was prescribed Difflam for the mouth ulcers but found juicing quite useful while I had the sore tongue and gums.

Debbie x

Hi Tracy and Debbie,

Thanks a lot for your comments, here’s hoping the first dose is the worst!

Love Andrea x

Hi Andrea,

I had 6 cycles of taxotere and remember the strange tongue symptoms you describe well!
They used to give me piriton intraveneously in the chemo unit and of course you do have to take all the extra steroids prescribed with this particular chemo.
Good Luck with your second dose,
Mabel xx

Hi Andrea

Know exactly what you are talking about my tongue felt huge - although looked ok ish. Except for the lovely white coating and ulcers!!! MOuth was really dry and in the morning on waking really slimy!!! sorry if tmi!! Everything tasted foul but especially sweet things - hated chocolate - which I love.
I am going to ask for mouth stuff before this chemo - hopefully Fri if bloods ok. AMazing what we wish for .

Hope you are well

Take care, love