Just answered the door to a couple of workmen and their faces were a picture. Hasn’t bothered with the softie as I wasn’t expecting anyone till later in the day. However, I’m very big built and the lopsidedness (is there such a word??) is very obvious. Could see the young lad especially looking over at me as they worked. I had great difficulty keeping a straight face! Obviously, they didn’t say anything but I wouldn’t mind betting it gave them a story to tell their mates later. Very funny!!

God bless.


What a great tale.

I am lucky and still have both mine, but not overlarge. Since I haven’t been wearing a bra (for comforts sake) I have been so aware of my ‘nips’ sticking out. I do notice that most men when talking to you have a job keeping their eyes above your chest level!! I almost feeling like bending down and saying ‘Helloooo’

Tee Hee

Love it,

I came home from hospital today with my softie in my handbag as it was a bit uncomfortable (hoping not to see a neighbour!!!) and also hoping no one saw me in the Tesco carpark removing it!!!

Yesterday a friend came around to see me, and was full of enthusiasm for my new hairstyle - asking who’d styled it - saying really how great it was. Then she was wondering whether that style might suit her … so, I popped it off and offered it to try … after we had popped her eyes BACK into her head she did try it, and said she felt like Suzi Quatro!