Ready for surgery

I was diagnosed at the start of nov, talk about shock, never expected it to be cancer, just a routine mammogram, I turned 50 in february, but I’m keeping positive as otherwise I’m fit and healthy…I’m having my op this friday, 11th, lumpectomy and a few lymph nodes removed…I’ve read a lot on here, scared myself brainless with somethings, so I’m just going with the flow and taking each day as it comes…
I feel lucky that it was found while quiet small, 1.2cm and it’s not feelable yet, a bit deep, so it would have taken me a while longer to find it, had mammogram on the 23rd oct, biopsied on the 4th nov, results on the 5th…so not to much time between…it’s just been these last few weeks of waiting…I am down for having 5 weeks of radiotherapy afterwards.
Anyone any words of wisdom for when I go in and or come out, all will be appreciated…thanks ladies/gents

Sorry you are in this position, know its hard to get your head around but it sounds like it has been found so early its hopefully really good news. Having had masectomy and all lymph nodes out I cant really advise on your surgery apart from the fact you should be home soon and not in too much pain. Rads are wierd, that’s the only word I can explain them, its done and dusted including getting dressed and undressed ina bout 10 mins, for me I had to travel 1 hour each way and that on top of rads made me really tired, but for me, apart from that wasnt too bad. Good luck, thinking of you xxx

Hi Tally and Lisa,

Good luck for Friday Tally. I am in for a mastectomy,immediate recon and lymph node clearance on Thursday. I am so pleased they found your lump when it was so small; I reckon you’ll be just fine.

Lisa - how did you find the recovery after your op? Did you have immediate reconstrution? I will be having rads in about 8 weeks I think so I’m pleased to hear they aren’t too bad.

All the best to you both.


hi tally , i had wle and snb last tues and go back for results today. i have to say i was not in any pain after the op more discomfort really. emotions are all over the place but i want a cry then i damn well have one. i ws in morrisons yesterday and a toddle tripped over my foot and i burst into tears lol his poor mum thought he had hurt me so i left hubbu to explain !!! they only advice i can give you is to go with the flow dont worry about asking questions or sounding silly or weepy.we have all been there. good luck for op.

Hi Tally

As well as the support and information you are receiving from the other users you may find BCC resources pack useful. It has been designed for those newly diagnosed and has information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available. If you would like a copy just follow this link:-*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/82/

I hope this is helpful

Kind regards
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi Tally

I am about to undergo surgery for Masectomy and am hoping to get a date this afternoon after 4th visit to Consultant.

It is really daunting I know. I went for routine Mammogram and found DCIS, so lucky really I guess. I am 50 in a couple of weeks so will have to hold off on the celebrations this year!!

good luck and my thoughts are with you


Hi Tally
Hope all went well for you yesterday. It is such a shock to hear the word cancer and I’m sorry you have had to join us. I too was diagnosed on routine mammogram in July had a lumpectomy and sentil node biopsy in August. My tumour was 1cm and after some initial discomfort I found I recovered from the op quite quickly. The scar under my arm was worse than the actual breast. I then had 15 rads in November. It is very much a journey in stages and it helps to take each of those stages as they come without trying to think to far ahead.

Its all very doable and the ladies on here are brilliant as if you have a problem someone will usually be able to help. I started back at work last week doing less hours and it has made me very tired but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

laurasue x