Ready for surgery

I am having a mastectomy and reconstruction on my left breast and a reduction on my right breast. I would be grateful for any advice that would help ensure a speedy recovery.

best wishes to you all.

Hi Miffy

I had a mastectomy and reconstruction on the same day albeit back in 2003 so things may have changed since then. Mine reconstruction was done from my tummy (DIEP) so I had to recover from surgey across my stomach too. Invest in some bio oil (Superdrug and Savers are cheaper than Boots), do the arm exercises they give you and invest in a couple of sports bras. Just remember to take each day as it comes.

Good luck with your recovery.


Hi Miffy, I had a lumpectomy  plus Lymph Node clearance, and can share my hospital experiences. I’m sure the Mx ladies will be along shortly . Do what the hospital tell you, is my first bit of advice. Write it down in a little notebook. Use the painkillers as they are essential for sleep and recovery. Lean protein to help flesh heal, and less carbs as you will be more sedentary . Please, please do all your exercises. This will get your full mobility back. Ask the hospital re lotions and potions. I was told not to use bio oil until the wounds were healed - approx 6 weeks. I improved my diet by eating far more fruit and veg which, I felt, gave me more energy. After my drain came out I walked every afternoon to help me sleep at night. Decent support bras for both day and night so the wounds don’t drag. I was quite big boobied so couldn’t get sports bras. I used soft crop top ones.

Good luck for a speedy recovery. X

Hi Miffy

I was diagnosed in Nov and had a mx  on my right breast  4 weeks ago. I decided against immediate reconstruct as I want to get used to my new body but the option is there should I decide to have this later on. I am sharing my experience of the mx.


The surgery went well and I was discharged the same day. What I now have in the area of the mx is a build up of fluid (called a seroma) and i was told this might happen. It is very common but doesn’t affect everyone. My consultant advised against the drain tubes as the body eventually re-absorbes the fluid. Luckily the hos have a  walk in service and I’ve had to return on three occasions to be drained as the fluid built up quite a bit and each time I am drained, the fluid fills up again within a couple of days. The BCN and Consultant are not concerned and have reassured me the fluid will eventually re-absorb  but this does take time and each person is different. 


After surgery I bought a few cheap and cheerful bras from ASDA online specifically for post surgery, they are called soft and comfy and they also have a few pretty bras. I wore  these straightaway to help with the bruising and swelling and was given a ‘softie’’  to wear inside my bra (mx side). The wound has healed nicely and I am using bio-oil to massage the scarring and breast area to reduce the fluid, recommended by the physiotherapist. I am also doing the exercises and getting plenty of rest and trying to eat healthier. I’m unable to offer advice with the re-construct but I’m sure other ladies will come forward.


I wish you well with your surgery and recovery xx

Hi miffy.

I a

Had mastectomy 6 weeks ago and am doing well 

I was in hospital 6 days as my surgeon didn’t let me out in till drains removed .

Take all the pain medication hospital give you it was more uncomfortable than painful but not as bad as I thought.

Take time to recover and  important do your arm excerises. 


Didn’t have reconstruction having implant later.


Good luck 




Hi Miffy

Emily here from the Someone Like Me service at Breast Cancer Care. 


If you’d like to speak to someone by phone who’s had similar surgery, do feel free to get us in touch with us **here **and we can arrange for a volunteer to give you a call. Sometimes it can be really helpful to talk it through with someone who’s been there. 



All the very best

Emily from Breast Cancer Care