Realistic recovery

Although I’ve got yet a few months to worry about this, I believe it pays to know in advance.

I am hoping to have either a TRAM or DIEP in May or June, the surgeon says I am eligible for either and hope to pin the surgeon down before the op so I can make arrangements.

The problem I have is that my OH works away for 2 weeks at a time and although he is home for 2 weeks so his help will be invaluable, I will be alone with a 15 year old daughter for the 2 weeks he is away. We live in the middle of nowhere, so although we can prepare shopping etc. before he goes back to work, there may still be some difficulties.

I would like honest answers please about what I will/will not be able to do myself say 4 weeks after the op, of course I know it depends greatly on what type I have but, assuming the worst for now.

He will likely be able to be home with me during the op and for about 4-6 weeks after… will that be long enough before I can cook, clean, drive and do lightweight housework?

Hi Peacock

I put a thread up on the 17th jan re Mastectomy(Tram flap), you may find some useful information on there from two of the ladies who replied.


Hi Peacock, I am waiting on tram/diep surgery as well. I have an appt with the plastic surgeon on 5 feb and will discuss and decide what op to have. Not sure how long i will have to wait. I am very anxious about the long op, pain, recovery etc but i am looking forward to losing the prosthesis and being able to by normal bras, swimwear etc.
Will follow your posts with interest.
Take Care Carolyn x

Hi ladies!
I had Diep done at the beginning of Dec.Also had the other boob reduced & lifted at the same time. I was terrified as I hate hospitals(used to be a nurse!!) I have to say it all went well & i was surprised how little pain there was & how well I could get around.Hubby was home for a week, then went back to work for another week & was home for 2weeks over xmas.
You will need a lot of help for the first week but after that i found I was able to potter gradually increasing things as the weeks went by. I had to learn to pace myself, something I’m not too good at, but it is important.
i had days when I felt almost normal but then the next day not so good! Again, as the weeks went by, the good days increase & the bad ones get less.
I think the turning point was week 7/8 when I found I could sleep on my side & could drive without any probs.
Had one problem with my tummy wound which started “leaking” a bit but that stopped over the weekend.
This is just my recovery & everyone is different & if you have the tram flap, the recovery will probably be a bit longer.
The new boob is great! when you do have a bad day just remember what it was like to wear the “prossy” you’ll soon get over it.
I havent regretted it at all. It is a tough op but I suppose its a bit like giving birth, look what you get at the end of it!!!
Good luck to you both.
There’s also another good thread on here"DIEP BOOKED APRIL! EEEK"
That was my bible before my op!
Hope it all goes well for you!

Thank you Lin for your positive and very helpful posting.

In my case I haven’t ever been able to wear a bra, let alone a prothesis since my MX, as I am rather a large breasted lady (well was) I’ve been left with quite a few folds of skin that are in the area where the bra would rub, so its very sore. I am looking forward to being bra less and not having one big boob swinging about, if only they’d invent a one cup bra for us ladies LOL.

I’ve had some rather annoying news today, my next appt with the Onc was supposed to be in April and now they’ve postponed it until July! I’m fed up about this because it means I won’t be able to have the recon until after I’ve next seen the Onc! I’m hoping I might be able to get my GP to have a word with them, after all this appt in April (following a CT in March) was supposed to be clearing me from lung developments.

Take care all