Reality after lumpectomy question


I am 3 weeks post-op for a lumpectomy of a smaller tumour and sentinel nodes biopsy. My incisions are healing well and I am doing my daily Physio exercises. Ten days after surgery, I came down with Covid which I caught from my young grandson who came for a visit. I’ve recovered from that but what I am concerned about is how tired I am. I seem to be flipping my sleep patterns, too. I’m sleeping in until 10:30, doing some easy housework, napping in the afternoon, making dinner, going for an evening walk and then staying up until around 11:00 until bed time and the routine starts all over again the next day. I have no energy or motivation. The lovely summer weather doesn’t even motivate me to enjoy the outdoors. I keep telling myself when my body is ready to be active, I will be more inspired. Has anyone else felt this way?

Hi after major surgery , cancer diagnosis and Covid is it surprisingly you are tired ? Please don’t give yourself a hard time for not being right , it can take months to recover. listen to your body , it’s not possible right now to just go back to normal , you will get there but it takes time .