Really Concerned

Hi everyone I am a new member and I hope this is okay to post here. I’m 63 with my fair share of bad luck (nothing majorly health related) and it seems every time I turn a corner something happens. So now this…

I had a routine mammogram just over a week ago and had a letter yesterday asking me to attend for further tests. And the appointment is Monday so really quick. This has completely floored me although I did have an niggle in the back of my mind that I would get this letter. 
I have terrible health anxiety anyway and very mixed emotions up to the point of I wasn’t going to go but my husband wouldn’t have allowed this.  In my head I’ve got myself dead and buried.

Sorry everyone as I know there are people on this forum who have and are undergoing worse but you cannot help who you are. 
it doesn’t help that since yesterday I’ve been madly checking myself and any twinge is scaring the hell out of me.

Just looking to know if I’m “normal” really xxx

Hello Suebiz,

firstly you are more than normal, understandable you are so worried, knowing the unknown is horrible, hopefully Monday will come very quickly for you, so you know which way you are going.

THis site is great for putting you mind at rest because we are all in the same boat, wishes you lots of luck, however everyone is around for you 

big hugs Tili xx


I completely understand how you must be feeling I am in the worry stage myself it is very normal to be in turmoil. But one you get more information it becomes a,bit easier. Other people who are not going through this find it hard to understand the way you feel. You will get there although you dont think that just now. My thoughts and best wishes to you. 

Hi Sue

This is a very scary time for any woman as our minds always head for breast cancer - and some of us are right. This is early days and it might help to know that 80% of breast abnormalities are benign. So that improves your chances in theory. I started a blog when I began chemotherapy, Christmas Eve 2018 (it seems so long ago!) and it’s called It’s Only A Disease. I’m not an optimist and I’ve been phobic all my life but I think that’s important to bear in mind. There are so many new treatments (and treatment is tightly tailored to each individual diagnosis) that survival rates are very good. This is no longer the death sentence it was. There’s also a 2-week commitment in the NHS to deal with potential cases so an appointment Monday isn’t that hasty - it’s part of the 2-week target, not a sign that your case is extra-urgent.

I hope it goes well on Monday. You may have another mammogram for comparison. You may have ultrasound which I think is much more civilised. I’ve also found that consultants are much gentler at breast examinations too. If there’s anything suspicious, you may have some kind of biopsy but, with local anaesthetics, they are uncomfortable, not painful. It’s the waiting for results that’s worst. So it’s important to be proactive now and look after your emotional health. Get meditating, relaxing, doing mindfulness, exercising…anything to give your mind a break from fear. There are some brilliant ‘videos’ on YouTube that you can just plug into and relax to. My favourite has been Progressive Hypnosis’s Manifest Healing - it saw me through and I still rely on her gentle voice to soothe me.

And stop prodding. You’ll be tender! Best of luck,

Jan x