really frightened now!

Hello all you lovely ladies, me again, I have been told that my margins were not clear and the 4 nodes they took out are all infected. I am now waiting for urgent CT scan, bone scan and MRI before going back for more surgery and having all the nodes taken out. Does this mean I am  likely to have secondary cancer? I was diagnosed by screening and they led me to belive, in the beginning that it was caught so early, I would prob have little complications!!

Anyone else in the same boat? or been where I am now?

thanks in advance for all advise xxxxx



I just wanted to acknowledge your post and to say how sorry I am to read your news. I’m sure you must feel so anxious now.

I have not been in your position but I know someone who has and she did not have any secondaries. After mx, and follow up treatment, she is fighting fit, more than 5 years on. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has spread. 

They have caught it early and the good thing is that you are having all the tests done asap, so they can treat you accordingly.

Sending a hug and let us know how you get on. There are plenty of ladies on here who will listen and understand what you are going through xx

Hi Scaryskittle, what a shame your surgeon did not get clear margins. Not to worry, there are plenty of ladies on here who have had to go back in for a little shave, and some who’ve had two. When I had my breast and lymph node biopsies done 2/3 LN showed signs of cancer, as well as the ductal tumour in the breast.  As a result I had them all excised. Good call by my consultant as 7/15 were cancerous. They had done their job and  prevented it spreading. Until you’ve had all the tests and the path results back no one can tell you, and to try to second guess would not be good. Again, I’m afraid it’s a waiting game. I had CT scan to check for spread , but my consultant was always so upbeat that I was quite reassured that whatever the results it would be treatable. I’m hoping that I’m passing on some of that positivity. Let us know how you get on. Hugs. X

Hi Scaryskittle. Like you, I was told there was cancer in the nodes and unclear margins so have been in for my second op and awaiting results this Thursday (13th). I haven’t been offered any other scans and nothing has been said about finding any more. All we can do is put our faith in our team. My thoughts are with you.

Thanks Ms Merton. Bit of mixed emotions with results. Took friend with me who asked questions and listened for me. I was so grateful for that. Finished with my surgery but have a long road with treatment.

Yes, full node clearance. Unfortunately I have to have Herceptin as well.

Hi benandflo :relaxed:, the scans all came back clear (yay!!!) My first bit of good news since diagnosis :relaxed:I am now in day 5 of recovery after having margin shaved and mode clearance. I have a drain in that’s a bloody nuisance but not feeling too bad. How are you? And how did your surgery go on Saturday? Lots of positive love and hugs coming your way xxx

That’s fantastic news! I am praying mine come back good too. Find out 4th august. Surgery went well came home only yesterday though as had a bit of a reaction to dye. Just now very bruised but not any pain so that’s good. I am so pleased your results were good. What’s your next step? :heart::heart::heart:

Hi Annie
Drain came out on day 3 as accidentally pulled it slightly ??. However now at Day 8 post surgery and no fluid buildup thankfully! Each day getting easier still very ‘tight’ across mastectomy area and swollen. I have an A cup so at the moment don’t look any different! Want Friday to come now for results keeping everything crossed ??xx

Giving everyone big hugs it’s such an anxious time waiting waiting Waiting you’re mind is so full of ifs and when But this site is fantastic and helps so much Hence while I’m awake at this time in the morning! Thank goodness we all have each other to bounce of xx good luck to everyone who is getting results xx