Really good news

Hello everyone,

I am back from my holiday and came back down to reality with a bump by way of a CT scan on Monday morning. My stomach has been churning all week prior to the results which I got last night and the news is very good. The scan shows that my bone mets, with the exception of one area, are ‘virtually inactive’ and that I am responding very well to treatment.

I don’t wish to sound smug as we are all at different points in our treatment but as you have all shared and helped me through the bleak and bad times, I thought I would share the good stuff with you too.

(Missed live chat last week because I fell asleep)

Angee xxx

That’s fantastic news Angee. Thanks for sharing it. We all know how scary just showing up for results is! It’s so good to know that the treatment is working too.

Do you still have to have the further surgery you were going to be having?

How was your holiday to Goa and your 40th?!!

I totally forgot about live chat last week and was out for dinner the week before!

Hope to catch up soon.

Anne x

Hi Angee

So pleased that you have had such good news - getting scan results is always so scary though isn’t it? Sharing the good news though really helps I think - gives us all encouragement that it is possible!

Assuming you still need your vertebroplasty though - when do you go in for that? Hopefully this positive news will help make having to have it done again a little easier.

I also want to hear about Goa and the birthday celebrations - hope you had a wonderful time.

Kay x

Hi Angee

I was only thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you’re getting on and doesn’t it give you a lift when you get good news for a change??!!! Well done!!!

Look after yourself.


Hello angee

Thats really good news. I hope you had a great holiday in Goa as well.
I wondered where you were on Tuesday.

take care

Hi Angee

What fab news that is, bet you are well pleased. Makes the waiting for scan results worth it when you get good news.

Also wanna hear all about your hols to Goa and what you did to celebrate your 40th (THATS FORTIETH) birthday. Hope yours was as good as mine. I had a fab time.

Missed you on MSN the other day, but hope to catch up with you on there very soon. Let us know how you are though.

Take care
Lots of Love

Hi Angee, what fantastic news. I am celebrating for you.

I have a CT scan booked for next Wednesday, just before my third tax/avastin. I am petrified, so I know how you must have been feeling.


Hi Angee

Thats great I am thrilled for you, know how you feel about stomach churning…exactly, have a scan coming up soon…

I think these bisophonates are obviously really great drugs and they seem to really work with bone mets.

thanks for sharing!!



Congratulations!!! What brilliant news for you!

I’ll have a port and lemon to celebrate - hic! any excuse!!! :slight_smile:

Be in touch soon - I too want to hear all about hol and birthday!!!

Love Anne xx

PS I did wonder where you were on Tuesday!!! I’ve been missing my Partner in Crime!! I’ve been relatively quiet!!! :-o hehe!!

well done angee , will have a glass or two of red wine to celebrate your news !!xx

Fantastic news! …I’m so pleased for you Angee. Belinda…x.x.

That is great Angee. Hope you are recovering well after vertiowhatsit.


Really pleased for you Angee!


Great news Angee I am so happy that its good news. I was thinking I had not seen any of your posts.

Thanks for sharing, it is good to share bad news with others but it is even better to share good news.


I think that is brilliant news and I think its really important to share the good as well as the bad, cos it shows that there is always hope. Hope you have found a good way to celebrate the news.


So pleased for you. Glad you had a brill holiday. Does this mean you are not having a verteplasty again or have you had it done before your hols or have I got you totally confused with someone else???
It’s good to share good news and waiting for scan results is always so scary so am really pleased.

Thanks girlies! I am still having my vertebroplasty done the week after next. My oncologist had said that the pain i am experiencing now is a consequence of the destruction my mets have caused rather then cancer still being active so i am hoping that i will be feeling better once this has been done. I would like to have celebrated with some alcohol but have just started using the fentanyl patches and booze makes me feel SO sleepy…!

I have not posted much this last week as I am exhibiting at a show in April and am trying to get loads sorted before my next vertebroplasty. Once I log on here, I lose a whole morning… sometimes a day…


Hi Angee
So pleased for you and I hope your verebo whatsit goes well (and the show too of course)