Really sore armpit!!

10 days post axillary dissection, and I am struggling! Movement is gradually increasing and I can almost wash my hair now! The problem I have is that the skin feels sore, and from what I can see in the mirror (and other half’s examination), I have a red skin rash. I know that I am swollen from op, so its difficult to combat the “skin to skin” contact, but any ideas on anything I can put on it, or anything to relieve the swelling?? xx


Could just be a sweat rash or reaction to the antiseptic they use during op but best in
check out with BC nurse or GP just in case it is infected ,the swelling could be a seroma which in some cases they drain to relieve pressure on the wound.My arm pit was really swollen they drained quite a lot of fluid and I was a lot more comfortable .

Thank you! I have just had a bath, and had a real good look at it…I think everything looks as it should! I am just being a wimp! It is still pretty painful, I would have thought I would notice a slight reduction in the discomfort by now…It’s really getting me down :frowning:

The armpit wound was far more painful than my breast surgery ,the nurse told me you have more nerve endings there .Fluid can build up there also and make you even more uncomfortable so may be worth getting it checked ,do you have post op check coming up ?

See what they think on Friday ,it’s hard to know when to get advise and when it’s just normal part of healing isn’t it .