Really struggling at the moment

It’s so hard waiting for my results everyone at clinic basically told me I’d got it without actually saying the words I’m so scared find out Tuesday the 10th xx

Hi Lisa,


the waiting is the worse part, once you know what your dealing with then you somehow seem to get your head  around it a little more. I know it’ll be constantly on your mind but whatever the outcome they are so good these days they will know what to do. It’s just this bit that is hard to cope, but try and remain positive and not think about the what ifs too much. I hope it goes okay on Tuesday xx

Hiya Lisa,


Sending you hugs and love.  Waiting can be awful. It messes with your head.  I can recommend both the BCC helpline and also the Macmillan helpline of you need to speak with someone.   


Take care,

Isabelle X


Hi Lisa,


Oh the waiting… It’s truly tortuous isn’t it? Hopefully you will have some results by the time you read this, if it is cancer, there is so much help and support on the various threads on this forum, so you’ve come to the right place!


With a bit of luck, you’ll be posting here telling us it was something else!


Amanda x