Really worried

Does anyone have as many worries as I do about recurrence. Sometime I am so preoccupied with it that I can’t do anything else. Any suggestions on how to handle new pain in the body? When to be concerned?

Hi Mlynn

I think its perfectly normal to be constantly worried about recurrance. I spent the first few months after my treatment ended bombarding my GP or BCN with anxieties. Apparently we are more sensitive to pain after all the treatment we have had for BC and obviously our worries can escalate.

I always feel if something is really keeping me awake or disrupting my day then call BCN. Thats what they are there for. The helpline here is always good too.

Best wishes Judy

Thank you, i appreciate your comment.

Hi Mlynn

I think about BC recurring practically every minute of every day since I was dx and its not decreased since I finished chemo in Feb. My rational mind used to think through the possibilities for any new ache/pain etc but now it immediately goes into overdrive thinking its back.

A good guide other ladies on this forum have said that any new symptoms that last more than 2 weeks should be investigated and to be honest applying that rule quite a few of the things that have worried me have gone away.

I also find myself not wanting to call anyone (like a BCN) to discuss any worries because I don’t know if I could handle it if it did come back. Stupid really. Don’t want to know but can’t stop wondering!

I have my first Oncology appointment since the end of chemo tomorrow so will put all my worries to them and hopefully leave feeling better, if a little stupid.