Really worried

Hi there, am new here. Found a lump and went to docs last week, referred to the hospital and appointment is tomorrow morning. I just can’t concentrate on doing anything and the worrying is awful.
Am I right its unlikely I will get any kind of answer/results tomorrow? My letter doesn’t really tell me much about what is likely to happen - can anyone tell me what is likely to happen at the appointment, what tests they will do?


Dear cslk,

I am sure you will soon get a lot of support from the others on this forum.

Please remember you can also call our Helpline for information and support. They are open until 5.00pm today- the number is 0808 800 6000.

Breast Cancer Care have a publication “Referral to a Breast Clinic” which has some information about what to expect. The link is:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/59/

kindest regards

BCC Facilitator

hello cslk and so sorry that you are having to go through this -it is horrible but you will get through it.
I imagine you will have several tests so that they can see if it’s anything to worry about - usually mammogram & ultrasound and possibly a biopsy (which isn’t painful,a bit uncomfortable and you’ll have anaesthetic) They may well be able to say that’s it’s all ok just by looking at a mammogram but often need to do the further tests to be absolutely sure. Usually you will have to wait for the results of any biopsy which can take a week or so…mine were back within 2 days,but it depends on hospital really.
I hope that this info. is ok and not scary -am sure others will be along to reassure soon
lots of luck tomorrow


Yes, I had the same tests as chipper mentions. Twice, several years ago, they found I had a fluid-filled cyst, which they drained on the day, using the ultrasound for guidance.

This time I wasn’t so lucky, and they seemed pretty sure something wasn’t right, so I had the biopsy, which confirmed bc. I got the results at the results’ clinic two weeks later. It is the waiting that is so awful.

Best of luck for tomorrow and let us know how it goes.

Love Ann x

hi cslk, hang on in there, lots of lumps turn out to be nothing so fingers crossed for you.
They will do a mammogram and possibly scan and biopsy. All are uncomfortable but doable and then you have to wait for results. I am in the midlands and i got results from a biopsy in 2 days. They may be able to to tell from the mammogram that everything is ok. If they find anything they will do the other tests but they can still turn out to be nothing so dont automatically presume its bad if they do. The waiting for results is the worst but just remember many lumps turn out to be nothing.

Good luck for tomorrow and let us know how you get on.

Luv and best wishes for you tomorrow, Pauline xxx

Thank you all for being so lovely and for posting so quickly, x I just want tomorrow over but then i guess its still waiting for results. This couldn’t come at a worse time, had my offer on my first house accepted on Tuesday-I should be looking forward to moving! Thank you for the link to the leaflet too, feel bit better now I sort of know what to expect. Also have my smear test tomorrow afternoon because the docs said I should- will be a fun day of displaying my bits and pieces to everyone- NOT! Thanks again guys x

Just wanted to say to oslk good luck for tomorrow and agree with what others say - all the tests are doable and bearable and once done its the waiting that you will find the worst. Its no good saying dont worry but you can imagine all sorts of things and I have found the best thing is to divert yourself. Read, walk or cook - do something to take your mind of it - we have very good imaginations when we need them!

I am sure you will be fine and please come back to talk to us and let us know how you got on - we care.

Wishing for good news.

I went for my appointment today and had ultra sound and an examination. The doctors said the lump I / they can feel is just dense breast tissue which has become more noticeable because I’ve been dieting and lost 3 stone since May. They say its nothing to worry about. The relief is incredable, but I almost feel I shouldn’t be so happy when so many of you are having much more difficult times xxx Thank you to you all who posted, hope everyone is doing ok xxx

Hi cslk thats great news for you and a load off your mind.Take care of yourself and feel free to keep reading the postings “you were nearly one of us but you got away” Joyce


That is fantastic news! Go out and celebrate! Make sure you keep vigilant in the future, though.

Take care. Love Ann x

cslk, fantastic news, as the others have said, go and enjoy your life but keep vigulant in the future. so pleased for you

luv Pauline x