Reasonable adjustments

Today I got the news I’d been craving - ‘Good news!’ My sentinal node biopsy came back clear. So so relieved. I’m signed off till after Crimbo but want to get informed about my return to work as I think that’ll also remind me to rest and consider self care until then. What reasonable adjustments can I ask for? I’m a teacher so they might look different for my sector than others. Thanks for any ideas and advice.

Hi , get some advice from theses guys
I have been a teacher/ head teacher and now support leadership in education and have seen cancer now from both sides of the fence ( my treatment finished in April) . This organisation was really v helpful to me when I was returning. I used the advice I was given and have had a successful ( though tiring) return to full time work. Good luck but my biggest piece of advice is how v important that self care is. Can’t stress it enough. Always come back to that first principle! :two_hearts:

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Remember there are no half measures when your working in school, your expected to full on all the time. They may give staggered/ half days but in class you need to be 100%. So you need to decide what is best for you. Don’t go back until you are mentally and physically ready. I find little things can easily trigger me so I’m not ready although I’m still on chemo, radiotherapy in January and targeted treatment to end of September 2024 which means I’ll be immune compromised until then and schools are not the best place to avoid infections and illness!

If you worked in an office environment you can take regular breaks for your desk etc.