Reassurance please getting very anxious

Hi there, I was last on this site in 2009 when thankfully I was diagnosed with a benign cyst by ultrasound, since then I’ve had lots of cysts that have come and gone with my menstrual cycles.

I’m 29 (just) and currently 6 weeks pregnant with my second child. about 4 weeks ago I found a lump (same characteristics as usual) which I fully suspected to go once my period began but was delighted to find I was pregnant (we’d been trying for a few months) and the lump remained. I saw my GP 3 days after I got my positive pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy and also discuss the lump. She felt the lump (which she described like a mouse as it is so mobile) and said that she feels a lot of lumps some concern her some she’s unsure of but mine she wasnt at all worried about and she’d send me to the breast clinic due to the pregnancy to be on the safe side.

Now despite that reassurance I am fretting- my appointment is at 2.30 on Thursday (seems a lifetime away) I am feeling so stressed and anxious its all I can do to stop myself researching lumps and cancer during pregnancy (I do suffr from General Anxiety Disorder which doesnt help).

The lump has got larger but (from what I’ve read) this isnt strange for a benign lump during pregnancy. It is very mobile and if I manage to press against it does have some “give” to it so not hard though it is firm-ish. I think its an oval shape but as it it so mobile it is hard to get a good feel. It is also starting to feel tender to touch (but I’m not sure if this is because I keep examining it.

I know only imaging will give me any answers but can anyone offer any reassurance- I’m beside myself which cant be good for the baby but I dont feel I can look forward right now :frowning: .

Welcome back to the forums mich1982, I’m sure you’ll get the support you need at this time, and congratulations on your pregnancy.

I have put for you below the link to one of BCC’s publications that you may find helpful, also the staff on the helpline are here to support you as well, so do give them a call if you need to talk to someone in confidence.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Mich1982, i can totally understand your worry. U just want to enjoy the news of your pregnancy (congratulations btw) then u find a lump. As well as my cancerous lump which was small, firm & immobile,i also had a very mobile lump which was the one i actually went to the dr about. It seemed to grow overnight, this was a cyst & i think they feel very different to a cancerous lump. Yours sounds very similar, being mobile & getting larger quickly & with u being pregnant your body will be doing all sorts of things. Obviously u won’t know till u go for your appt but remember most lumps are benign as yours was before. Pls don’t worry yourself more by googling, we all know what that does to our mental health, i know we’ve all done it. Oh & try not to keep poking & prodding your lump as by thurs it’ll really be hurting.
Good luck on thurs,it really is the pits waiting but pls let us know how u get on, take care x

thank you for your response it does help to have reassurance and even to be reminded of the statistics etc etc. I am a dreadful worrier at the best of times so this is being totally blown out of proportion in my mind. I must stop prodding but its so hard!

Hi Mich

I agree with the previous post - try not to keep feeling it - even though it’s difficult to stop.

Remember that nine out of every ten lumps are benign. If it’s a mobile lump that sounds good too. But the only way to find out what it is and to reassure yourself is to be seen by the breast clinic so you’ve done the right thing. In the meantime try not to worry too much although, as we all know, the waiting is awful.

Lots and lots of luck for Thursday. I hope the time before your appointment passes quickly for you. Let us know what happens.

Anthi x

I know how you feel, I have suffered with anxiety and I’m also now waiting for an appointment next week. I am actually making myself sick with worry. I’m thinking about you. Try calling the helpline, they were fantastic when I spoke to them xxx

Thank you to everyone for all your support and reassurance. I had an examination and ultrasound today. The consultant spent a long time on the scan and said he couldnt see any descernable lump from the scan just general lumpy tissue consistant with pregnancy changes. When I went to my GP there WAS a small descernable lump (which I thought had got bigger) but perhaps it is a cyst that has gone away and the lumpy tissue I’m left with is tender due to my constant prodding? I have small breasts so a lump would not be difficult to find.

Feeling very relieved - the consultant has said he’ll get me back in 3 months just for reassurance and to see if anything has changed (he also said I can come in earlier if I’m worried about anything) He was really nice and the nurse was wonderful (I was sat in floods of tears).

Good luck to everyone else and anyone still waiting. Waiting is pure torture x

Fantastic Mich - we always like good news! Now enjoy your weekend and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.