Recall after mammogram

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 and had a therapeutic mammoplasty followed by radiotherapy and surgery in 2018 to even up wonky boobs. I had clear follow up mammograms in 2018 and 2019, but have just received a letter asking me to go for more tests/consultation following my 3rd mammogram post-surgery, etc. I’m in bits. I have to wait 11 days before the appointment and I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m so scared and trying to act normal as my son is doing GCSE mocks and I don’t want to worry him. I know it could be nothing but when you’ve gone through the shock of an initial diagnosis via a routine mammogram then it’s always an anxious wait anyway. Now I know there’s something suspect I’m totally freaked out.

Hi Dino

This is what we all dread and that wait feels a long way ahead. Have you thought of ringing your breast-care nurse team to get a possible explanation because of the long wait? I don’t want to give false hope but I would have thought if there was a serious concern, they’d have contacted you by phone and seen you sooner. That’s what I’d hope from my hospital anyway. The radiographer told me that a recall may be because the comparison between this year and last year is not quite clear and they need new xrays or they haven’t managed to X-ray the exact same quantity of breast as last time and they are playing safe. It might be something practical like that. It might not.

I guess you have to decide which way your instincts want to go for now: ask for information and hope you get something promising or agonise for another 11 days, allowing the worst thoughts to take hold, possibly justified, possibly not. I do hope you get some answers to help you, one way or the other xx

Hi dino21 - I am so glad you have found this lovely forum. I can totally understand how you feel. I was diagnosed in 2016 and when I had my follow up mammograms in 2017 and 2019 I had to have biopsies to check what they had seen. Like you I was terrified. I’ve got my next one coming up and again I’m scared.

Jaybro always has wise words, and I’m glad you are planning to ring your BCN to have a chat. I hope she can reassure you. Please keep chatting on here if it helps - sometimes it’s easier not to worry friends and family, and to come on here where everyone just “gets it” without explanation of judgement. 

Hugs, Evie xx