Recall after routine mammogram, for ultrasound - how common is this?

Hi Guys, 

I’ve been off and on here for 9 years. I had a mastectomy 9 years ago and as you know, even when you’ve been given the all clear, you never take it for granted. My Mum died of BC at the same age I am now, 51. 

I had a routine mammogram just under 2 weeks ago, they said if there was anything they would contact me. I’ve just received an appointment letter for a follow up ultrasound. I’ve not had any other communication to say why they’ve scheduled this. I’m literally in the dark and obviously concerned. That’s an understatement! 

There is obviously something on the mammogram that needs looking at more closely. 

I don’t have any symptoms, no lumps. I realise that ultrasounds usually compliment mammograms. I just can’t find that many instances on here where the ultrasound is scheduled instead of another mammogram. I guess I’m missing the key information, what they want clarification on. Has this also happened to other people? Where they just get the appointment letter and no other information? 

Thanks a bunch 



I can understand why you’re anxious but second-guessing isn’t the best idea in these circumstances. First off, you haven’t had an urgent recall. This would suggest you re still on the routine check-up route. For all you know, you may have moved slightly and one area is a bit blurred. Having had bc before, they would always be ultra-cautious with you.

Mammograms aren’t infallible (in fact a scan is only s good as the person doing it. I had a clear mammogram in my belt, I had an ultrasound and was told all was clear. The next, tougher ultrasound found 2 tumours and infected nodes so there you go! I’ve also had a CT body scan report state that I’ve had my left kidney removed. Kidney? breast? So easily confused but what a hassle it was to get the report amended!).

If you’d had an accompanying phone call, that might have set off alarm bells but an appointment letter (you don’t say how soon) sounds more routine to me. Being firmly stuck in Cancerworld, my belief is that there is no point worrying until there is evidence you need to. It leads to other, unkinder emotions that can be hard to rein in. So focus on building up your resilience with meditation, running, mindfulness, whatever helps you, so you’re ready for anything,

Wishing you all the best for a good outcome xx