Recall after routine mammogram

I have just been called back after my routine yearly mammogram (family history of BC). It was last Monday and I have to go back on Friday. Vague letter and staff at breast clinic obviously couldn’t/wouldn’t tell me much more. I am truly terrified and my husband is struggling to hold it together. No lump that I am aware of but strong family history. Maternal cousin had gene testing but doesnt carry a recognised gene. How do i get to friday without falling apart??? Am I fearing the worst unnecessarily??

Hi Juliemichelle,

Welcome to the forums. Can I suggest that your give our helpline team a ring tomorrow, they’re here to support you through this. Lines open at 9am, calls are free 0808 800 6000

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Hi Juliemichelle

I’m afraid I can’t answer your question, but I know from the experience of others that sometimes a call back just means they didn’t get a clear enough picture and need to re do the mammogram to get a better one. Waiting is the worst time of all for any tests as our minds go into overdrive and imagine the worst. Hopefully when Friday comes you will know better what the call back is for. If the worst comes to the worst, be assured that you will get the best treatment possible. The majority of us with breast cancer will survive and live long and happy lives. The fact that you have a family history doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get it. Unless you know for sure it is genetic, it could be just one of those things. Sending you best wishes and good luck for Friday.

Poemsgalore xxx

Thank you- feel very supported by your replies. Been to my GP today- he couldn’t find any trace of a lump and although that doesn’t mean there is nothing to worry about I do feel a little better. He was absolutely lovely, he told me he’d been in exactly the same situation recently, and he has asked me to let him him know how I get on- such a personal touch meant so much.

Wow what a lovely gp you got.
my mum was called back after her routine mammogram and she too couldn’t feel a lump…she went for another mammogram and scan and biopsy ad there was a small lump deep in breast and all came back as benign. But she worried herself sick with the waiting.she did say though, that it was such a positive experience and the screening was perfect and they were very quick with her appointment for retesting even though no lump present. complete opposite to me with my negative service from Nhs.
take care Hun Emma x

Thanks Emma, your lovely message made me cry. Yes, my GP is lovely- only ever seen him about 4 times but not going to see anyone else now.
Been a tough day today but I teach and my little cherubs have kept me going :slight_smile: - 5 year olds are the best therapy for the miseries!!
I’m pretty scared tonight but need to know what I’m facing so will be glad when tomorrow arrives. Fingers crossed.

Good luck for today Julie - will be thinking of you and hoping its good news.
Squishy hugs
Lozza xx

Hope it’s good news today, Julie. I had a recall from routine mammo, so I know how you’re feeling. Most recalls turn out to be nothinhg to worry about. Mine was BC, but a year on and I’m back at work (in a school too!) and more-or-less back to normal.

Try to take comfort from the fact that if it is bad news, you’ll get it sorted before the *****y disease has chance to take hold; be proud of yourself for going to that mammo!

Hugs. JCJ

Good luck Julie I am thinking of you xx