recall after routine mammogram

hi not been here for a while as just been getting on with life. was diagnosed with breast cancer sept 2011. had chemo, lumpectomy and radiotherapy. had my routine mammogram and out of the blue got an appt for further tests on thursday. never had a recall before. i know it does happen but given my history whilst i have told my husband i am not worried and i am sure it will be fine deep down i am a bit concerend. has anyone else had this and can you get results on the day if you not have to have a biospsy. thanks ladies 

Hi tazzie, so sorry you find yourself on here again, my initial diagnosis was from a routine mammogram recall and at the appointment they did further mammograms, an ultrasound, they told me at that stage and showed me the calcifications they could see but said I needed a biopsy to determine what they were and I had to wait a week for those results. Wishing you all the best, let us know how you get on. Nicola xx