Recall appointment tomorrow at 9:15am. Nervous!

Well it’s the night before, I had a call from a BCN at the Breast Test Centre this morning asking me general health questions over the phone. This due to COVID, so they’re doing it this way.

I managed to pluck up the courage to ask her why I was being recalled, she didn’t have that detail, so couldn’t advise. She was very lovey and gentle with me. 

I am so scared of what tomorrow may bring. It’s a very weird time right now, with everything else that’s going on in the World. It’s all so very surreal.

If there is anyone else out there attending centres for these tests tomorrow I wish all the very best of luck. And hope the sunshine’s on us. :two_hearts:

Best of Luck for tomorrow morning :crossed_fingers:


Rubytodd, will be thinking of you tomorrow, lots of luck, 

BIG HUG brave lady, Tili xx

Hi rubytodd- a big hug from me too, we will all be holding your hand tomorrow. Evie xx