recall... concerned, should i be?

Hello All,

Lots of you wont know me, but i used to come on here lot 3 years or more ago. Hello also to any who may remember me.

I was diagnosed start of 2006 with oestrogen positive breast cancer, had chemo to shrink it, then lumpectomy, then rads. So that was my 2006!

Life has been good to me since then: I have adopted a child, and recently got engaged to a lovely man I met this year.

However, i am now worried. I went for my check up last week: physical examination, and then mammogram. I have just been recalled for a compression mammogram and ultrasound. The receptionist said that there could be many reasons for a recall, but I am worrried. Should I be?

Honest answers on a postcard please, I can take it! Thanks ladies


Hi tigerlily (aka D :))

Of course I remember you but am really sorry to see you posting here again. The honest answer is obviously yes it could be back but the receptionist is right - there can be many reasons, some of them just not getting a clear enough picture so with a history they will want to be sure they are getting clear images. You may or may not remember my story but mine has been back a few times over the past 19 years.

Will keep everything crossed that they are just being extra cautious. It sounds like you have had some good things happen in the past 3 years and I am so pleased for you after the rough times you have had.


Hello Dawn

Good to ‘speak’ to you again - thanks for the reply. Hope you are doing OK.

Have got over my initial panic, but cant help worrying somewhat - have rang the BCNs but they no longer work Weds PM. Only 1 week before my appointments, so will let you know how it goes.

Yes, i have been very fortunate since my treatment, and also keeping everything crossed that it continues!!

Wishing you all the best

Do hope you are worrying unnecessarily, but I know how difficult it is. When I was recalled nearly 2 years ago there were six of us in the clinic who had been recalled, and I was the only one who turned out to have cancer. Of course, it is what it is, but there is lots of support here and in the meantime try not to assume the worst!


hi tigerlilly i was diagnosed in 2006 and this year i was recalled after my routine mammo… and my mind went in to major over-drive they phoned on the monday with a repeat mammo appointment for the thur… although they said on the phone it wasnt urgent but i was worried i was called so soon if it wasnt something serious.

however i called BCN who read the mammo report which stated there was an abnormality seen but it gave the impression of being benign, so this reassured me.

i read my first mammo report myself (dont give notes to a nurse you expect her to read them LOL) and it said ‘impression invasive breast carcinoma +/- lymphoedema’ and i did have IDC so i put a lot of faith in the report.

after the repeat mammo, the radiographer showed me the mammo and the suspicious area, which was obvious even to me there was something there but i still thought it was just something benign and then i had to go for a ultrasound and the consultant also kept giving me clues all was not well… but i think by this time id totally convinced myself it was nothing… so when i eventually asked him if he thought it was benign or malignant his reply was ‘most definitely malignant’.

i was in complete shock and found this so much harder to deal with than the first time when i had pretty much convinced myself it was cancer… i was annoyed ta myself as i usually look at the worst case scenario because then things can only be as bad as the most negative outcome rather than deluding myself all was ok and being completely in shock.

anyway for your own sake i hope its not malignant, but if it is we are all here to help support you through it again.

love and hugs

Lulu x

Thanks for your kind messages. I am pleased to report all is well. Apparently, the first person didnt capture all my left breast. Wish they had told me that! Would have saved a lot of anxiety!
Best wishes to you all

so pleased to read your news Dawn.

Dawn xx

Dawn thats fab news you must be so relieved hunny.