Recall for more surgery

Hi all, 

i had a Lumpectomy for a grade 2 OCR, and removal of lymph nodes on the 14th June.

the long wait and then was told sorry , not a clear margin!

obviuosly I’m upset but the fact it’s all healed up nicely and I have to wait for my consultant to return from his holiday to re-do the surgery, it’s so frustrating.

i was wondering how many others had to have repeat surgery for non clear margins ?


thank you 

Hi Ginny, it’s quite common to have to go back for more surgery, some even do for a 3rd time! I know how disappointing it must be when you thought you were done with it but it’s all for the greater good! Best of luck and hope you get a good a result Xx Jo 

Hi.  I’M going in for my third surgery on Thursday.  The second surgery because margins werenmt clear was much quicker recovery time.  My scar (three weeks now) is the same as I went in.  I’ve healed really quickly.  Fingers crossed these blinking margin is cleared this time round.  In the not so distant future they will be able to tell the pathology at the time of surgery.


fingers crossed that it is all got for us both this time round. 

Hello Ginny, 2 years ago I was in your position. I had 2nd wle after unclear margins, and to be honest the surgery site didn’t look any different from the first time. I did find the 2nd anasthetic took more getting over, but keep on top and take as many pain killers as you can before you feel you need them.  There are so many frustrations, but you will get through it and we’re all here to help. Wishing you the best :catvery-happy:xxx

Hi Ginny,


I had to have a second WLE due to not achieving clear margins back in February 2014. They didn’t find any more cancer in the tissue removed the second time, so they had in effect removed all the cancer in the first op. Hope you have a similar outcome and all the best X X 

Hi Ginny, went today for my results the same as you margins not clear more surgery 5th Sept so more waiting, also grade 2 !

Hi Ginny
Same for me Grade 2 but still pre cancerous cells in the margins so another op but I need to have chemo first!

Hi Ginny, LDK and CK,
Got my results today and wondering if I can join your club. I have a provisional date for the 5th September also. I also need axillary clearance as 2 of 3 lymph nodes positive. Now awaiting MRI and CT scan. It’s a big fat steaming pile of poo but hey ho, gotta be done!
Good luck to you ladies, hopefully we all get clear margins second time around.
Love and hugs Michele xxx

Sorry and Flying Archer too. Good luck xxx

Yes it’s pants isn’t it!!! And I need to have chemo!!! All the waiting too but we are getting treated and will get better.xx