Recall letter received

Hello everyone.

So, not quite sure what is what yet. I have today received a recall letter following a mammogram 2 weeks ago.

I am 51 and this was a second regular screening. The difference this time was intense pain on my right side during the procedure ( none before, no visible changes). Wondering if anyone here had a similar experience? 

Appointment Monday next week so at least not too long  a wait. Have a sad thought that from today, everything changes. Not over dramatic by nature! I know nothing is confirmed but there is the niggling doubt. Good wishes to you all out there x

Dear Rachiliza

I am sorry that you havent recieved a response yet.  Hopefully someone will be along soon to offer you their support and experience.

In the meantime you can ask one of our specialist nurses any questions on the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum, or you may find it helpful to talk to one of our nurses on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer



Hello and welcome.


I cant say that I have experienced the type of pain you have said about, I know that I have never found mammograms comfortable and I have always had pain/discomfort after them for as long as I have been having them.


As you say at least you do not have too long to wait for your appointment.  I am not sure whether it is a one stop clinic or the usual breast clinic,  you will probably have another mammogram (perhaps take some paracetomol before you go) an ultrasound and possibly a biopsy.


I know it is difficult but try not to think too far ahead and just deal with what you know at the moment otherwise you will just cause yourself anxiety and stress, small milestones are the best.


Come here whenever you want to and there will always be wonderful ladies on here who will be able help and support you through.


Sending you a hug and let us know how you get on Monday if you want.


Helena xxx

I also have a recall . I’m 55 and going on Thursday .

I only now have pain after recieiving the letter .

Hope all turned out ok for you! I picked up on your post because I had exactly the same excruciating uncomfortableness on the left hand side of the left breast only and now have been called for a second screening. It’s very daunting receiving the call back letter so soon after the mamagram and with such rush to get me in for the second. Best wishes. X

I’ve just received a call back letter for next Wednesday. Had WLE and SNB followed by rads a year ago, so this is my first mammogram. I coped really well on diagnosis etc but now I’m really worried and upset. It must be back!

Hi Soobee, a lady I talk to who went through treatment at same time as me had a recall letter and thought the worst , she had to have biopsy to be on the safe side but it turned out to be calcifications. Good luck .