I just had my first Mammogram on 8th May and received a letter today, 18th May, about 2 hours ago recalling me for more tests.  I don’t think I can quite believe it and to make matters worse hubby is abroad working and I’m at home on my own - in a bit of shock I think.  Needed to talk to someone so came straight to this forum.  My next appointment is less than a week away, 23rd May and I don’t even know if my husband is going to be home to come with me.  I also don’t want to tell him while he’s away working as I don’t want to worry him!!  Can I ask if women going back for a second screening would normally take their husbands or partners, or a female friend instead?  Have so many scenarios going through my mind now am not quite sure what to think.  Feeling a bit numb to be honest. xx

Hi MM.

so glad you came to this forum where you will find all the support and help you need at a very worrying time. What rotten luck your husband is away at such a time.

For what is worth I think your decision not to tell your husband is brave, loving and the right thing to do.

i didn’t take anyone when I went to clinic after a mammogram recall as I really thought it would be just be a machine blip. It wasn’t and as soon as I went in I had an ultrasound , biopsy and fine needle aspiration. I was told results would be a week. I explained that as a nurse I had a fair idea of where the news was going and Dr asked if I had anyone with me. I said no but I explained that for me I preferred to hear news (even awful news) alone and then explain it to my husband later when I had absorbed this new reality. Dr agreed and told me he was almost certain it was cancer( which it was). I was so grateful for Drs understanding and even though news was bad I felt better that I wouldn’t have a week of uncertainty before knowing the diagnosis. But that’s just me! 

Of course not all stories are the same. Your problem may be very innocent…I certainly hope so and there is every chance that it will be. Don’t despair.

It is entirely up to you if you take anyone with you. No rights or wrongs but many people think that a second set of ears listening to what is being said is of great help. Just do what feels right to you. 23rd will soon be here and whatever the news is it starts to feel better when the waiting is over and plans are in place. First step…get to clinic. All on this forum will be with you in spirit anyway! 

Let us all know how it goes

big hugs



I had my mammogram 2 wks ago and received my recall yesterday with further appointment for this Monday. I’m not sure whether to be worried about it being so quick??