Hi everyone first mammogram last Monday and got a recall I’m feeling really anxious and scared. I know it’s prob ok but the unknown is worrying. I can’t speak to anyone as I don’t want to worry anyone unnecessarily. I don’t no what to expect and the thought you could be told there and then you have it is so terrifying. Women are just so brave and have to go thru so much. Any advice would be appreciated x

Hiya, firstly as you say it’s likely to be ok as over 80% of recalls are nothing to worry about. It won’t stop you feeling panicked right now, that’s a natural reaction but try not to let it take over your every minute, it will just make the wait even harder. 

At the clinic they will do another mammogram and likely an ultrasound and explain what it was you were recalled for , I took my sister when she was recalled and hers was as simple as her breast being pinched on the original mammogram which gave a calcified appearance in one area, after more checks including ultrasound she was sent on her way with the all clear ? 

If they are still concerned they will probably do a biopsy which will be another wait for definite results but they will tell you on the day if they suspect it to be breast cancer but don’t rush ahead worrying about that as most likely you won’t need to Xx Jo 

Thank you jo I will try my best not to worry i no it’s prob nothing (hopefully) it’s just a scary feeling. Thank you for replying I really do appreciate it xx

Great point, Charys.
I came back from hols to find a ‘thick’ envelope for an appointment the next day. Did a quick google, the only one I did at the time & fortunately, hit the bcc main site here, which explained it all.
For those of us who are recalled, it would be good to have the info included that bcc provide on this.
ann x

Yes I agree totally with everything you are saying and you have really helped me with your words. Just a letter sent and all these terrified women just waiting seems so unfair. Googling etc and thank god I did and found this site…thank you all xx

Hi Charys,
It may have been this one:
But I also remember reading further info that statiscally, 4 out of 100 women are recalled & one will get a bc diagnosis, but would normally go into make a full recovery, which I found reassuring at the time. I might have hit on the leaflet version.
I then went onto sleep that night, went for the appointment the next day, ended up having to wait another week for the biopsy results, still didn’t worry about it, then went back a week later & yes, I was the 1:100, but it still turned out fine in the end & now so glad I went for that mammo.
ann x

That is reassuring and thanks for finding the link. Out of all those screeming mammos (im not at screening age) and it’s only one in 100, that even surprises me.

Had first mammogram 2 weeks ago and assumed as hadn’t heard yet that everything ok but today find a letter recalling me to assessment clinic next week. Petrified and working myself up into a frenzy. Don’t know how going to get thru the weekend.

Thank you Helena and Jobey for replies. Am trying not to panic but after a sleepless night just imagining/ thinking the worst. Will keep trying to think positively tho.

Been and had chat with my gp who was lovely - although seemed to talk me through worst case scenario rather than it being nothing to worry about - which slightly worried me thinking about it afterwards. Gave me a hug and some meds to help sleep (as my sleep thing has been going on a while and this has just exacerbated it all). Told me to do nice things at wkend to take mind off it (easier said than done) but am going to try xx

Thanks again for comments. Been trying so hard to put it out of my mind but starting to really build it up in my head - trying to be normal, trying not to Google, but I just feel so sick and have convinced myself my breast hurts even though I don’t even know which side is the problem. Sorry for venting on here but I don’t want to worry anyone else yet. xx

Hi Kathy,
…as Helena & Jobey have said.
Even If on the off chance it is bc, then it’s certainly not the end of world, as mammo detected bc is normally early & wholly treatable.
Loads of us have been through this & are doing just fine.
Mine was mammo detected, treated & back to life as normal within a few months & I’ve have just had my 2 year ‘all clear.’
Thank god I went for that mammo, as I nearly didn’t!
It’s certainly easier said than done, but try not to let your
mind run away with it all.
It will get sorted out.
ann x

So after 5 long days waiting - I’ve been - apparently something showed on mammo on one side. Couldn’t see anything on ultrasound so had to have biopsy to double check. So more waiting. The nurse said she’d spoken to doctor and she said she wasn’t particularly concerned but I guess they always say that xx

Yes next week xx

 They don’t lie to you Kathy, they will tell you honestly what they think from what they can see on the day , of course they don’t always get it right but they will never deliberately mislead you, I know this is such a hard wait and you will be trying to second guess the outcome but it’s under way now and you will have an answer one way or another this time Xx Jo 

Just quickly wanted to say that I am just back from results clinic. Thankfully they have said biopsy came back as fibroadenoma and after discussions they have agreed to leave alone. Am so grateful for everyone’s comments and support on this forum. Helped me through a very scary time and I’m sure I will have more but for now thank you v much and good luck and hugs to everyone else out there going through scary times xxx