Recalled After Mammogram - Absolutely Petrified

Hi All

I’m so sick with worry and absolutely petrified.
I arrived home on Friday to find a letter waiting for me to say I needed to go for further testing. It said the first available appt was for this coming Wednesday. I couldn’t manage the time it said, so when I rang on Friday, they said the radiologists were all at a meeting and someone would ring me back. I waited until later that afternoon and still no phone call, so rang again. This time they said they were all in clinic and it would probably be Monday before someone rang me. Today I waited until 1pm, still nothing, so rang again and again was told they were all in clinic! However someone rang me back later and I’ve been booked in for Wed but at a later time. The radiologist said asked me at first, would I be happy to wait until after New Year, and I said yes, but I’d be sick with worry until then! So she offered me the later time, and said that “his” clinic finished early on a Wed.
So, who is"he", does that mean I’m not just going back for a repeat mammogram, but something else!
I keep trying to convince myself that if it had been urgent, they would have rang me sooner, instead of sending out a letter 2.5 weeks later? Or that if it had been urgent, she wouldn’t have asked me if I’d be happy waiting until New Year?
I must add that this was my second routine mammogram that I’d been for, my first one was three years ago.
I’m hoping that it’s maybe down to the fact that I’ve lost a lot of weight recently or something to do with being post menopausal (I’m 54) Or am I being blind and not facing facts.
I’ve not told anyone else, as I don’t want to ruin their Xmas.
When I went for the screening mammogram, I remember saying to my partner when I came out that it seemed to be over with far quicker this time than my first one three years ago and I don’t remember being asked to move into as many different positons this time either?
Sorry, I’m just so scared I keep trying to convince myself that it’s all a bad dream.

Hi SallyUK,

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums where I am sure you will get lots of good, honest support from the many informed users of this site.

While you are waiting for replies could I suggest that you give the helpline team here a ring and have a chat with one of the nurses, they’re here to support you at this time. Calls are free, 0808 800 6000, lines open at 9am this morning until 5pm (Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2)

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Hi Sally, Sorry that you are worrying, I know these are very anxious times. i am 51 years was called back for a 2nd mammogram following a routine mamogram. the date i couldn’t keep due to being on holiday so i was booked in 2 weeks later. The radiologist explained that the images originallytaken were not clear enough. As part of the rapid breast clinic service more mammograms were taken and at the same time reviewed by the breast doctor hence “his clinic” that way they can give you some clear indications there and then. In my case the breast doctor talked through what images she didn’t like andwhy she recommended i had some core biopsies takn, again there and then. I was then called back one week later for the results. In my case they found multi sites high grade DCIS which is a very early non invasive breast cancer. I am now booked in for a mastectomy and reconstruction on the 11thJanuary. I know this is major surgery but if it hadn’t been for the routine mammogram (as i do not have any lump) the treatment plan would havebeen very different.
Sally Wednesday will come very soon, a high percentage of follow up appointments turn out to be nothing, but if there is something that looks a bit abnormal the sooner it’s found the quicker It can be sorted. If you think of anything further that you wish to ask, please ask away. Big hugs. Xxxxxxx

Hi Cheryl

Thanks for taking the time to reply and so sorry to hear you need to have a mastectomy. How are you coping with that news, it must be devastating - are you able to keep positive?

I’m just dreading tomorrow and the thought that I may have to come home tomorrow and tell my family bad news.


Hi Sally, The news was devasting, thankfully my husband was with me. It has seemedlike a long emotional roller coaster that is still speeDing ahead. Once the Sentinel lymph note came back clear I honestly think that I among the lucky ladies and started to feel a little more positive. Mycancer was caught very early. The thought of a MX and LD flap reconstruction terrifies me but I will get through it. The waiting for various results are the worst bit. Big hugs will be thinking of you xxxxxx

Thank you Cheryl. I’m glad to read that you’re sounding so positive. I"ll let you know tomorrow how I get on.


Hi All
I’m just writing to let you know that I got the all clear today!
It certainly was a long day of waiting around, but worth it in the end.
When I first went in, in the morning, they shouted me through and the radiologist explained that the Dr had spotted some changes, which she said, could be something or nothing.
I asked her if there was a lump and she said, “No, no lump, have you felt one yourself?” and I said no. So we went through and she said she was going to take two images of my right breast. The first one was just a normal position, and she said the second one might be a bit more uncomfortable as she wanted to press tight on one certain area of my right breast. She then used her fingers to count from my nipple upwards and marked that area with a marker pen.
Then it was into the little waiting room to sit and wait for an eternity with the other women who were there.
I was last, so three hours later I was finally called in to another room which was an ultrasound room.
The consultant was already there and he explained that there had been some changes spotted on the mammogram, but they weren’t sure what they were but he explained it as being an optical illusion! He said something about the mammogram being 2D and I think he said that ultrasound was 3D, but when he was pressing down with the ultrasound probe on the area of concern whatever “The thing” was, was disappearing! So anyway, after a while he said, “ok, I’ve got two things to say to you” - one is that there is no remote sign of cancer anywhere on your breast and secondly, no needles for you today! (I had previously told him I wasn’t very good with needles, unless I was the one using them on other people, as I"m a phlebotomist! lol
I was so happy I jumped off the couch and gave him a big hug and also the girl who was in the room with me. They couldn’t have been any nicer if they’d tried.
So all in all, I’m ok for another three years. He just said to keep checking myself and if there was anything to go see my GP.
Good luck to everyone else going through the same worry and stress as I’ve had this past week.

Fabulous news!! Take care xx

Sally I am so pleased or you. Enjoy your Christmas.Xxxxxx

Thank you Katytc and Cheryl - I"ll keep reading to see how you get on too xxx


Fantastic news!

I go for the results of my Hadfields procedure tomorrow and I am terrified. Your post has given me hope that I could possibly be ok too, so thank you.

Janice x

Hi Janice

How did you get on?


Hi I was called for my first mammogram on 22 December I’m 47 and they randomly picked me out. I’ve been recalled. I am beside myself with worry. I have no symptoms but having read up on it that doesn’t mean anything. Anyone else had this experience ?

I’m 48 and was chosen to have a mammogram on 16.02.16. Yesterday I received a  letter for a further investigation, appointment on the 02.03.16. Shock isn’t in it, I really thought it would say ALL CLEAR. Today I’ve seen women with head scarves, bible quotations and took a life insurance policy out!!! also crossing my mind at the same time, well if my numbers up, my numbers up, and I aint even had further tests yet!

Going away to Spain tomorrow so out of my mind until next week fingers crossed all goes well. 

I had my first routine mammogram and was recalled last week. I had another mammogram and when I went for an ultrasound the doctor confirmed that a very small lump had been found in my right breast. Although oh examination she physically couldn’t feel it. She said it’s not even a centimetre in size and if cancerous I will have day surgery to perform a lumpectomy. She also done an ultra sound of lymph nodes which was all clear. I saw my 2nd mammogram on the screen and could see a bright white circle very clearly. I’m absolutely sick with worry but so nice to come on here and chat with ladies going through the same thing x

I went for my first mammogram last week after getting a few letters. At the mammogram the lady had to take a few x rays as one was not v clear.  I assumed all would be fine as no history in the family and I have no outward symptons that I can feel.  So imagine my shock when I got the letter today asking me to go for further tests this Thursday.  Thankfully only 1 day to wait.  Going to book a days holiday as do not want to discuss at work until I know for sure.  


Very worried as you can imagine but it it is bad then at least it is caught and thankfully we have private health care at work so that is good.  Plus many years ago I took out cancer insurance hoping I wont need to use it.


I know that many women are recalled but I really thought I would get the letter saying everything is fine.

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Hi im 45 I recently had my 1st screening mammogram (due to family history) done at a different hospital on the 17th March,i have previously had 2 diagnostic mammograms, plus ultrasound when I was 43 and 41 and subsequently got my results that day. I rang the hospital today to chase up my results as everyday i feel sick with worry and im going on holiday soon. The receptionist told me the delay is because they have been chasing the previous hospital where I had my last mammogram, she then looked at her screen and the previous mammograms has now been sent. I’m starting to panic even more now because they want my last results…is this normal? I keep thinking they have seen something and see if it was on my last mammogram. It really is making me feel ill. I wont enjoy my holiday until I know so i dont think i will get my results back in the usual 2 weeks as stated. Has anyone else had this problem. Thank you

Hi Hevholcam,
I understand that it is routine that the previous mammos are looked at for comparison, which is why, I understand that recalls are more common after a first mammo because there is nothing to compare it with. The mammo probably cant be reported until the earlier mammos are seen, so its probably just routine reporting.
If you are worried, it might be an idea to post in ‘ask our nurses’ section, to clarify the process.
ann x


i went for a mammogram today and when I went in I was not worried but I am now. The lady doing the mammogram was pulling faces tracing something on the screen and then said she needed to speak to someone regarding the last scan. She left the room then came back and scanned my boob again as well as pulling in as much of the underarm muscle as possible.

There is a history of breast cancer in the family and I had a benign lump removed from the same boob 2 years ago.

when she finished she said they would be in touch within 2 weeks I glanced at the screen and saw a white mass and not wanting to get carried away with googling every mammogram image was hoping someone could let me know what the issues could or could not be.


Thank you