Recalled after mammogram

Hi there

so freaking out… recently had mammogram as right breast is often painful and is a bit thicker than it has been. No lump in particular and GP referred non-urgently as she didn’t think there was anything to worry about but thought as well to be safe as my sister had breast cancer in her 40s. I am 42. 

Got letter today following Mammo saying it needed further investigation and giving me mammo and ultrasound appts at same time for a couple of weeks time. Letter says “XR Mammogram Lt” and “US Breast Lt” I’m assuming this means Left breast?? Which is the side I didn’t have any worries about. 

When the radiographer was doing the mammo originally she kept asking to take more - she told me to start getting dressed by then changed her mind and ended taking about 4 more. Now completely worried about what they found. Help. 

Anyone else similar experience?



Hi Kay,


No advice really as I’m in a similar place to you waiting for further tests, and I know exactly how you must be feeling.  It’s all a bit crap, isn’t it?!


I’m wearing my big girl pants and assuming better safe than sorry - rather find something now than further down the line I guess.  


Sue x