Recalled after mamogram

Hi had a mamogram last Tuesday got a letter yesterday asking me to go back for more test this coming Friday I have nott slept with worry feel so sick and scared right now not told any family members yet it’s my birthday so trying to act normal, I have read and re read the letter over and over, can anyone give me there thoughts

Hi Lainey, when you go to the recall you will be looked after really well, a breast care nurse will be with you all the time and she will be able to explain anything to you. On my recall I had a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. If they do a biopsy it can take 10-14 days for result.


good luck, please tell someone in your family and it would be an idea to take someone with you if you can just to keep you company.


more replies will come soon from other members and I am sure they will reaffirm what I have said.

Hi Lainey,it’s like getting a punch in the stomach,that letter!!!Vast majority of call backs are NOT cancer,hopefully you will be fine.

Went back today for results from biopsy to be told it’s cancer a little lump so having MRI scan then lumpectomy, really in shock

Hi Lainey, im so sorry you have been diagnosed but I hope you can take some strength and support from us all here, the shock is horrendous at first but you cope and will come to realise that its very treatable and you will be ok, the early days are the absoloute pits but i can tell you a year on it is almost like i dreamt it! Always here to talk Xx Jo

I am the same got my letter today to go back for more tests - am terrified

Hi Alison,welcome to the forum.Its like getting a kick in the stomach that letter isn’t it?When I looked into the stats at the time ,the vast majority of call backs turned out not to be cancer so hold onto that thought .If it is cancer and has been detected through routine mammogram good chance it has been caught early .Good luck ,let us know how you get on.

Alison,  I was terrified when i got a recall letter felt like the bottom had dropped out of my world! Many people are called back and discharged with no problems at all and if there is a problem then it’s been caught early. I was called as part of the early screening trial so wouldn’t have been called for another 2 years, although mine was cancer i am so thankful it was picked up when it was. Hood luck x

Hi I’m also in the waiting stage…

Had a mammogram as part of the early trial and had my letter for recall on Easter Saturday (great timing!) I’m trying to stay positive (and failing) I’m not a natural optomist and I feel like I’ve run every possible scenario since I had the letter.I’ve got to wait until next Monday for my appointment at the breast clinic - I feel sick when I think about it

Hi Milly,I got the dreaded recall letter ,it is horrible .I researched the stats and the majority of recalls turn out to be nothing to worry about .Mine wasn’t unfortunately ,but after surgery and radiotherapy I am fine and getting on with my life ,so even if you get bad news remember breast cancer is often very treatable .

I am new to this site. I had a routine mammogram then a letter recalling me for further tests 9 days later. My next appt is for 1 weeks time. I am ashamed to say my worries have got a stranglehold on reason and logic and although I am carrying on as normal It is all that is on my mind. I am a carer to two members of my family who live with me and unfortunately when I got the letter my husband was away. He won’t be able to come with me to the follow up appt as he will be caring for those I care for usually.  I did have a scare about 10 years ago which fortunately turned out to be a ‘breast mouse’ I think they called it. I know I can’t get any answers till next week but I am so worried and have no one at home at the moment that I can share this with.

It’s a horrible scary time.I only had to wait a week for my appointment but that was long enough.It is easy for your mind to run away with itself and think the worst.There is a good chance it will not be something sinister as most recalls turn out not to be cancer ,if it is ,if it has been detected by mammogram it is very likely it has been caught early and therefore very treatable .Have you go someone else who could go to the appointment with you for a bit of moral support ?Hopefully they will reassure you on the day,If they are unsure what they are looking at they will do a biopsy and results takes about a week.Try and keep busy and try not to google breast cancer(although if you do you will find very good success rates in treating it).Good luck.Jill