Recalled for 2'nd core biopsy

Dear Group,


I hope I’m in the right section, this is my first post.

I’m 36 and was referred via the 2 week appointment system for examination of a lump on right breast.

My appointment was last Thursday and in the initial consultation I was told there was a second lump which neither my GP nor I had picked up on.

I was then sent for an ultrasound wheupon I was told that due to density of the tissue they would have to do a core biopsy, focussing on the second lump in particular as the radiologist felt that the inital lump was just normal breast tissue. They took three samples i believe.

I received a call from the breast clinic today. The nurse informed me that the biospy results have shown normal breast tissue so they wish to book me in for another biopsy ‘just to be sure’ that the biospy was accurate. The suggestion being that the sample they took may have been from the wrong area.

I would like to know, how typical is it to be recalled when the results appear to be good news?

In my mind, they would not be recalling me if they were confident that the first test was accurate and it seems that they clearly feel the lump is suspicious and were not expecting to get the result they did.

All I can see are my odds of not having cancer diminishing with every test they do.

I have left a message for the clinic to call me back but any advice/information/reassurance you can provide in the meantime would be very welcome.



Hi Las,
It is usual for the clinic to be as thorough as possible, in fact it is good practice. I was told that they will always get a definitive answer, even if more than one biopsy is needed.
Inevitably it is an anxious time, but at least you will have the reassurance at the end of it that everything was done to get the correct diagnosis. Mostly, all turns out to be well.
ann x

Yes Las, there are certainly others who have reported similar here. I got away with one biopsy, but I remember the dr advising that more than one is sometimes needed & that if it was, it would be done at the next appointment - for the results of the first one - a week later.
Not good for the anxiety of course, as no matter how reassuring they are, the uncertainty plays on the mind, we’ve all been there!
If you want to, do let us know how you get on.
ann x



I had two lots of biopsies because the first one was inconclusive so it can happen, they did not want to send me away not being totally confident that there was nothing there.  The second lot was a Mamotome biopsy, so they are making absolutely sure for you.


Helena xx