recalled for my first mammogram and so scared

Hi Everyone. I’ve never used one of these forums before but I am absolutely freaking out and didn’t know what else to do. I am 30 and I have just had my first mammogram due to family history. The history is that my mum passed away at 36 from breast cancer, and the doctors don’t think it is genetic for me, but because she was so young I am now getting yearly mammograms. I had my first one just before xmas and they said I should get the results in the new year. I have just opened a letter saying that I need to go back in the New Year for a further mammogram. I think the mamographer mentioned something about this happening when I was there, but in all honestly I wasn’t paying that much attention because I just wanted to get out of there because of the unpleasant memories it was triggering. Is this normal? I am so terrified right now that I just feel sick. What could be the reason for having to go back?



Hello and welcome to the forum.  One thing really to say from the outset is that keep in mind this is your very first mammogram so the breast clinic has nothing to compare with.  In the case of ladies who are over 50 and have had previous mammograms. they have the previous one to compare with, for you this is not the case. 


There can be many reasons why they have recalled you but it does not necessarily mean that they think it is breast cancer, there are a lot of benign breast conditions that it might be, if it is anything at all.  I would, and I know this is difficult because we all know what it is like to be where you are at the moment, plus you have the sad experience of your mum having had it, try to carry on as normal until your appointment. 


We do advise ladies on here to avoid googling generally as there is a lot of out of date misinformation on there.


Come on here whenever you need help and support because there is loads of it on here from the wonderful ladies.


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx

Hi Lizzie, I totally understand your panic at being recalled but honestly call backs after a first mammogram are very common as there is nothing to compare the images with and something they want to have a closer look at may be perfectly harmless and normal for you, both my sister and a close friend of mine were recalled and both given the all clear .


 I’ve also lost my mum to breast cancer and although I’m one of 3 daughters it was never felt we needed following up as hers wasn’t an obvious genetic type, she was 60 and it was simply one of those things we were told.  fast forward 15 years and I was diagnosed age 46 but again there was nothing to suggest any genetic link as it’s very rare and my type of cancer didnt fit the criteria for testing.  It has prompted both of my sisters to have regular check ups which can only be a good thing and it is great that you are being closely monitored but the most likely outcome is all will be well . Jo Xx