Recalled to see Consultant


Hoping someone can help or has anyone had this experience before? 

I’m 36 and I have yearly breast clinic appointments with the Breast Nurse and a Mammogram every 2 years due to my Mum having Breast Cancer in her 30’s. 


Last year, the nurse found a lump during my exam and I was referred to the consultant for further tests, thankfully everything was ok in the end. 


This year, at my breast exam everything was fine, the nurse didn’t find anything or mention to me that she was overly concerned. I was asked to make an appointment for the following year.  She never mentioned that I was to see the Consultant again. In fact, last year he jokingly told me he never wanted to see me again.


The other day I received a call saying that I had to revisit the clinic and see the Consultant. I told them that was a mistake because I’ve not to go back for a year, but all they said was you have been recalled and you’ve to see the Consultant.


I’m confused and now very worried…surely if the nurse had any concerns she would have shared that with me. Or has she maybe thought about something and decided to refer me after all?


I know I’m asking the impossible…I guess I’m just looking for some reassurance, has anyone had this experience before?


Thank you in advance. 



This must be very worrying for you, Lola. You are fortunate to be part of an early screening process in some ways but it has its downside in that breast cancer isn’t far from your mind. Logic would suggest that, if this tallies with a year since you saw the consultant, this might well be an annual call-back. The hospital might have decided on a new policy of preventative screening for early BC. Most nurses would have alerted you to the need for a referral, as you say but, if a mammogram was involved, maybe there’s a woolly area open to interpretation and they want to make sure. There’s no reason to suppose it’s anything sinister - but we can’t help it. I’d suggest not worrying till you get there but it’s too late for that. If you have a contact for the nurses, as opposed to admin, you might call them to ask why but otherwise it’s grin and bear I’m afraid.


I wish you all the best and, meantime, make a conscious effort to look after your emotional health?