Recent bilateral lumpectomy and removal of L1 lymph nodes

Hello, had surgery on Wednesday after recent diagnosis Grade 2 ER+ PR+ HER2 (FISH).  Feeling numb under armpits with soreness around breasts.  I guess this is normal after surgery?  Nipple area is blue from isotope.  Can any of you lovely ladies advise as to how long the numbness is likely to last?  Will the blue dye ever disappear?  Feeling a bit out of sorts.  Thank you in anticipation.  Susan

Hi Susan.  I’m glad you are done with your surgery!  As for the numbness, I didn’t have that.  I had a lumpectomy and biopsy on one side.  The blue dye took months to go away!  It has gone now but for me, it took a long time.  I hope this helps.  Please keep us posted as to how you are doing.  :slightly_smiling_face:  

Hi Susan,

I also had surgery on Wednesday but just one side (diagnosis 2x lumps Grade 3, ER+ PR+, HER2 -ve).

My armpit area is the most sore but the breast not too bad I guess I depends where they cut? Mine was 5 o’clock left breast. And yes I’m still blue but I’m wearing a front fastening bra 24/7 so don’t have to look at it too often. I am allowed a shower today which will be bliss.

Have you managed the exercises yet? They are quite hard initially as it hurts but I’m trying.

Take care.

Jo xx

Hi Susan,

I had lumpectomy in early May and the blue dye is still very much there The surgeon told me it would last for months. 

The numbness around my armpit remains but I’m slowly getting more sensation I suppose as the nerves that were cut repair themselves. 
I finished 20 sessions of radiotherapy this week so my boob is currently red, white and blue! 
best wishes for your recovery