Recent diagnosed awaiting receptor results. Don't want Chemo would rather Masectomy

Today I found out I have breast cancer. Stage 2. Lymph nodes were clear on ultra sound. Need mammogram still. Awaiting results of receptors to find out if hormonal or not receptive. I am on the pill so this is obviously important. Told would have lumpectomy plus nearest two Lymph nodes taken for analysis. Then radiotherapy. Was also told might be offered chemo if the receptors are receptive to hormones too but for me chemo is the big no no. If I need any preventative care I would rather double mastectomy wiyh reconstruction to completely eliminate any risk at all. I am only 36. I have a family history of mum, aunt, and mum’s dad’s sister with breast cancer. Plus mum’s brother with testicle. Would anyone feel the same as me and not want chemo but prefer mastectomy? 

For me, chemo comes with being unwell and losing hair which mentally for me losing that would really change me as a person and feel so un womanly and would still have the risk of a second bout of cancer as I am only 36. 

I’m in a similar position, but have been told that they strongly recommend chemo for people under 40 (I still haven’t quite figured out why). I’m 35. I’m just trying to accept that that will be the case. Mine is hormone receptor positive but waiting on HER result. They also said that radiotherapy plus lumpectomy is just as effective as full masectomy.

I guess I’ve just accepted that I’ll have to go through chemo as they seemed to really emphasize being “young” that it’s neccessary and hoping for the best.

Hello and sorry to hear your news and concerns. I had chemo at 39, and currently waiting to find out if I need to have it again, at now age 65, as a result of new primaries. I have just had a mastectomy. My first lot of chemo stopped my cancer spreading. Yes, I lost my hair, but was given a wig, and lived another 25 years, fit, working, and active. Personally, I would agree with chemo, if it was suggested by my surgeon on Monday. I am ER+, HER2- and waiting for the pathology report on the sentinel node biopsy and the margins from the mastectomy. I just want to stress that mastectomy and radiotherapy don’t prevent metastasis. Please talk with your breast care nurse and thoroughly discuss your options with your consultant. Big hugs.

Hi Gem

yes…it’s definately your body and you make the final decisions…but I would advise you think long and hard about any treatment options and gather your information From reputable sources in order to make your decision as informed as possible.

like others have said, having a mastectomy does not prevent a recurrence, neither does it prevent getting secondary breast cancer which has spread to others parents of your body.   Also having no nodes affected does not mean the cancer can’t spread…it can spread via the blood stream…and chemo works by targeting your whole body to try to eliminate any cancer cells that are hiding out.    I would listen to what your team have to say before making any decisions.  I’m not saying any of this will happen to you…chances are it won’t…but none of us has a crystal ball to see the future.    Losing your hair is rubbish…I know…I’ve been there…but it grows back, and ( in my opinion) it far outweighs the possibility of losing your life earlier than you need to.  I wish you well.

I had chemo and lost my hair if I had to do it all again (which I pray I don’t) I would.
Losing one’s hair (in my view) is not the end of the world - but if cancer spreads that can be.
I went down the hats road, not the chemo turban types but bright jazzy hats - it is amazing what you can get used to if you think your life depends on it.
I suffer from low self-esteem owing to MH problems there are days I hate myself it is surprising how you cope when push comes to shove.

Cannot tell you what you should or should not do - but please think hard.

My hair is growing back  I like to rub the top of my head as the new hair feels all soft and downy, it has a comforting effect like rubbing a fluffy little puppy

Best Wishes
Poppy xx